Five reasons to rent a crowd control barrier

The Dutch events industry is working overtime. Be it sports, music, culture, lifestyle, food, etc. Thousands of events take place now every year. And, beyond the increase in the number of events, organisations are making events increasingly more massive, vaster, and more exuberant. As a visitor, we want to be more surprised, receive more attention, and also expect the best experience and optimal safety. Fortunately, almost all of the events provide a positive contribution to society. However, we still need to be honest. There are also risks. We need to cross the T’s and dot the I’s to ensure we prevent hazardous situations. Crowd control barriers are a practical means to achieve this goal. In this article, we describe five reasons to rent a crowd control barrier.

Reason 1: safety – prevent hazardous situations

Of course, safety is at the top of the list. It is an all-encompassing reason because, after all, everything revolves around safety. For example, closing off hazardous areas at the location, striving to properly guide the crowd flow, clearly signposting first aid posts, etc. Crowd control barriers directly contribute to the safety of visitors, athletes, staff, acts, and emergency services. Hazardous situations occur at events more often than not and can sometimes be fatal. Among other things, crowd control barriers ensure that people are not pushed around or crushed, distribute crowds at strategic points, and, when necessary, can reach first aid posts. Frustration leads to aggression, so its best to place crowd control barriers at tactical locations to prevent irritation. This benefit also leads to people to experience the event positively.

Reason 2: overview – no panic travelling from point A to point B

The bigger your event, the harder it is to get a good picture of the crowds on your terrain. It is best to do everything possible to have a really good overview of everything so you can determine where and at which times the crowds are located, and how they get from point A to point B. Moreover, you are not just creating an overview for yourself, you also make it easier for visitors to know where they are. Where do they find the toilets and what is the shortest route to get there? How do visitors quickly get to the coin points of sale and how can they go from area A to area B in a relaxed manner? The better you draw a sketch of the layout of your fencing based on your map and planning, and the placement of crowd control barriers, the better prepared you will be at the start of your event. Make sure that you know the risks. Only then will you be able to prevent these risks.

Reason 3: logistics – route transport along appropriate lanes

It may seem like we have overlapped this point with Reason 2, but our intention here is to emphasise the arrival and departure of goods and visitors. The busiest times to move goods to their destination is before, during, and after your event. One convoy may be expected backstage, while another logistics service may be expected at the front of the terrain. To ensure that the flow of traffic goes smoothly, you will need a thorough briefing, good signposting, and road transport supervision. Event fencing, including crowd control barriers, help ensure logistics goes according to plan. And, this also applies to the arrival and departure of the public. Avoid disappointing your visitors and start and end your event positively by creating appropriate arrival and departure supervision.

Reason 4: enclosures – keep undesired locations out of sight

There are always parts of every event terrain that needs to be closed off. For example, locations that require privacy, hazardous locations, untidy and messy locations that negatively affect the appearance of the event, and so on. Whatever the reason, fencing provides a professional enclosure. The fencing line is not easily breached when you use very well-joined fences. You keep visitors away from a closed off space and deliberately keep certain areas of the terrain out of sight.

Reason 5: experience – a positive effect on peace of mind

Proper crowd control barriers ‘silently’ do their work in the background. The barriers should not catch the eye when these are strategically placed in a well-though-out manner. The goal is to create the appropriate background. When crowd control barriers are placed at illogical locations and impede foot traffic, it irritates the public and they experience the event negatively. Moreover, you can optimally affect perception by fitting the fencing with tarpaulin, possibly even in the style of your event. Or, you can use psychological colours that evoke a positive effect on the public’s peace of mind.

In brief, crowd control barriers are very flexible and there are plenty of reasons to rent the barriers.

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Posted by Suzanne van Bekkers - Vroenhoven on 19 August 2019
Marketing & Communicatie Specialist at Heras Mobile Fencing & Security