Heras Steelhoard: proven durable, cost-effective and safe

Heras Mobile Fencing & Security expands its range with Heras Steelhoard: an innovative and durable system for temporary hoarding of construction sites. "Heras Steelhoard has been proving itself as a very reliable, semi-permanent system for 25 years now. So it's actually quite logical that it gets a place within our range of temporary fencing. By doing so, we increase our offer and flexibility towards our customers: Heras Mobile will really be a one-stop-shop," says Stevie Groom, Operations Manager at Heras Mobile. Heras Steelhoard is for sale immediately, possibly with a site-to-site service.

Heras Steelhoard is a perfect addition to our extensive range of temporary site protection products.

5 reasons to choose Heras Steelhoard

Reason 1: lifespan

Thanks to the components used, Heras Steelhoard is extremely durable. "Heras Steelhoard is designed to last for a long time (25 years). The entire system can easily be assembled and dismantled ten times. What's more: all components are 100 percent recyclable," says Groom.


Reason 2: most cost-effective system on the market

In addition to environmental benefits, sustainability also results in cost advantages. Groom: "It's the most cost-effective system on the market. First and foremost because of its long lifespan. If you look at multiple use and the full cycle cost, it's 50% cheaper than wooden fencing. In addition, transport and storage costs are much lower due to the modular system. Which, in turn, results in a lower carbon footprint.”


Reason 3: safety

It goes without saying that Heras Steelhoard complies with the strictest safety requirements. Groom: "Thanks to the height of 2.4 meters it is not easy to climb. In addition, the system exceeds the requirements of TWf1220-02 and BS5975: 2008 + A1: 2011. And, of course, it can withstand all site-specific wind load requirements in the UK"


Reason 4: image opportunities

Last but not least: the seemingly uninterrupted appearance gives Heras Steelhoard a sleek look. "The panels are available in all known RAL colours. So we can completely tailor it to your corporate image. But the clean surface also offers new opportunities for promotional expressions, for example," explains Stevie Groom.


Reason 5: site-to-site service

Heras Steelhoard is immediately available for the British market. Heras Mobile Fencing & Security offers a general site-to-site service with storage and maintenance facilities. This service includes an initial investigation and reporting, delivery and installation according to the customer's wishes. At the end of a project, the system is disassembled and removed from the site. The components are then cleaned, sorted and stored at one of our seven locations, ready for call-out. All our installers are directly employed by Heras and fully trained according to the highest industry accreditation", concludes Groom.

Picture of Stevie Groom

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