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Whether you are looking to purchase or hire construction site fencing, Heras Mobile has you covered. With a rich history and commitment to quality, Heras Mobile has become synonymous with secure and durable temporary fencing that cater to the dynamic needs of construction sites, events or roadworks. The purpose of our construction site fencing? We want to create the optimal base for your temporary site. A proper demarcation is essential, as you are responsible for ensuring that your employees as well as machines and materials are well accommodated. 

When it comes to purchasing or hiring construction site fencing, Heras Mobile offers a range of products designed to meet the needs of our customers. From robust Anti-Climb mesh panels to versatile hoarding systems, we ensure that you can find the perfect building site fencing for your project. 


Anti-Climb construction site fencing

Our Anti-Climb temporary fence panels secure your construction site with optimal overclimb protection. These unique construction fences are specifically designed to discourage unauthorised persons from attempting to enter the construction site. They are distinguished by the small mesh, making them difficult to climb. In addition, these fine-mesh temporary fences offer minimal grip for hands and feet, making it virtually impossible to climb over them. 


Readyhoard fence panels

Readyhoard is the reusable solution for site hoarding that can be installed in or on the ground. The in-ground site hoarding system is a semi-permanent solution using scaffold poles and DK scaffold couplers. For on-ground system, our steel fence panels are combined with blocks, couplers and stabilisers. Moreover, Readyhoard is available in two different heights: 2.0m and 2.4m. So, there is always a variation that suits your situation.

This steel fence panel is available in a range of different colours. Similarly, you can reflect your corporate colours in the fence of your temporary site. In this way, you create a professional appearance for your site while providing privacy for site work.


Heras Steelhoard system

Heras Steelhoard provides a temporary hoarding system consisting of a unique set of individual components. Our Steelhoard panels are assembled on-site to produce a 2.4m high continuous and seamless hoarding façade. Other advantages of Heras Steelhoard include:

  • Durable: Steelhoard last up to 25 years as the flexible design ensures maximum longevity. Moreover, the Steelhoard panel system can be re-used 10 times on average when installed, dismantled and maintained properly. On top of that, all components of the system are a 100% recyclable and can be re-processed at the end of the system’s life cycle.
  • Cost-effective: Because of its long lifespan, the Steelhoard system is highly cost-effective. In addition, the components can easily be replaced, without having to re-purchase the entire hoarding system.
  • Maximum security: Our Steelhoard system offers plenty of privacy, which does not invite unauthorised persons to simply enter the construction site. In addition, the height (2.4m) also plays a major role, as it makes quick climbing over difficult.
  • Professional appearance: The Steelhoard fence panels provides a clean, uninterrupted surface ideal for the installation of advertising media. You can also order the hoarding system in any RAL or corporate colour. 
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What makes our temporary fences so special?

Heras Mobile’s construction site fencing stands out in the industry, offering a myriad of advantages that contribute to enhanced security. Here are some key features of our temporary fences.

Heras temporary fences can withstand the demanding conditions of construction sites, events and roadworks. They provide the foundation for any site as you effectively cordon off your site with our fences. Our construction site fencing is constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring a long lifespan and reducing the need for frequent replacements. So, in the long run, you will save a lot of money.

We know that every project is unique. Therefore, in addition to our standard product range, we also offer the possibility of customising your fences. This includes different sizes, colours and additional features such as gates and accessories, ensuring that the fencing integrates into the specific requirements of your project.

If you have any further questions about our temporary fences, please contact us and get comprehensive advice from our sales team. Do you already know which construction site fencing you want? Then request a no-obligation quote right away.

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Sturdy construction site fencing

Construction site fencing and extreme weather conditions. Two things that do not always go well together. The correct use of materials, such as braces, is then very important. In this way, you create a sturdy fence line that does not blow over.

Because you are responsible for the safe installation of a solid building site fencing, we have prepared a document that allows you to easily calculate whether your fencing is solid enough. This is because the stability of your fence line depends on the mounting method, the type of temporary fence and the weight of a fence. We also share a few more tips for achieving a sturdy fence line.

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Pedestrian barriers

The low fences from Heras Mobile are suitable for keeping (large groups of) people at a distance and directing traffic in the right direction. They can also be used to cordon off an area or to create a walkway to guide people safely.

Noise control

The Heras Noise Control Barriers are a flexible, user-friendly, affordable acoustic fencing solution for reducing noise nuisance from construction works. This prevents objections from local residents.