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Accessories, transport systems and acoustic barriers for your temporary fences

Secure your temporary construction site with our various fence accessories. In this way, you can get on with construction without disruptions and unwanted visitors. You have also come to the right place for transport systems, advertising banners and acoustic barriers. 

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Everything for your temporary fences and site security

When buying or renting temporary fences, complete the fence with our construction fence accessories. For example, blocks and struts ensure that your site fences remain securely in place. Couplers allow you to connect the fences easily. We also offer sound-absorbing tarpaulins to reduce noise nuisance for workers and neighbours. 

In addition to the standard accessories, we also offer accessories to secure your construction site. With our anti-lift strip, it is impossible to lift your site fences out of a block. 

You naturally want to use your construction fences for as long as possible and preferably for several projects. Our transport and storage systems ensure damage-free transport and a longer service life for your site fences. In addition, the transport and storage systems have a space-saving function: you place the temporary fences close together and the systems are stackable.

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