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Construction site security

How do you prevent extra costs and delays in your project as the consequence of theft or vandalism? This page has answers to frequently asked questions about temporary construction site security and preventing theft and vandalism.


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Chapter 1

Why is construction site security necessary?

Every building site is different, has different risks and therefore requires different security. How can you ensure that your temporary building site is optimally secured and prevent delays and extra costs?

After all, theft and/or vandalism of the construction site not only results in a lot of extra costs, they also cause delays, which means that the project is delivered later than anticipated. These are all consequences that could have been prevented with the help of appropriate construction site security.

How do you prevent extra costs and delays in your project as the consequence of theft or vandalism? This page has answers to frequently asked questions about temporary construction site security and preventing theft and vandalism.

Chapter 2

How do I secure the construction site?

Every construction site is different and as such, every site requires different security measures. Security risks are not just related to the type of construction project, they are also related to the construction location, the number of people that have access to the construction site, and the amount of support for security among those present on the site. It is important to map out the weaknesses and effectively shield these.


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How do I prevent theft and vandalism on the construction site?

Preventing theft and vandalism is a combination of three different factors: people, process, and technology. There are many technical resources available to help you bump up your security. But, if there is no support for this among contractors and subcontractors, and the use of security technology is not established in a process, then the security measures will have little effect. Therefore, it is essential that you take the proper actions in all regards.


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How do I create support for security among my contractors?

Contractors and subcontractors will only actively get involved in security when they see what the added value is for them. Clearly communicate that delays to the project caused by theft or vandalism are a detriment to everyone. Plus, you should have everyone weigh in on how to best utilise the security measures. In this way, you not only make the best use of everyone’s experience and expertise, you also ensure that these people are more involved in the security of your construction site.


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How do I establish a construction site security process?

Technical resources can only help to increase the security of your construction site when these are used correctly. Temporary fences are often installed incorrectly, which means that the security is not optimal.

This is why it is necessary to have someone present on the construction site whose work process includes that security aspect. A person who tours the site in the morning to check that everything is still in order, who regularly checks if the temporary fences are installed well, who makes sure that the detection measures are still working optimally, and who ensures that all security systems are on alert at the end of the working day.


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What technical resources help to increase security?

There is a wide variety of resources available that you can utilise to increase the security of your construction site. Construction site security can be split up into two categories: security and deterrence. The following two chapters explain how you can achieve optimum security for your construction site using these two categories.

Chapter 3

Temporary construction site security

You can effectively keep undesired people out of your construction site if you use the proper security measures. Every phase of the construction project is different and as such, every phase requires a different kind of security. While fencing is important during the foundation phase, the final phase – during which expensive materials are used – requires more extensive security measures, such as anti-lift security or access gates with extra security.

You can determine for yourself the number of security measures that you must utilise by asking yourself a few questions, such as:

  • Does the construction location entail additional security risks?
  • Are there a lot of people who need access to my construction site?
  • Are we working with expensive products?
If you answered yes to most of these questions, the resources below can help you to increase the security on your construction site.


Building site fencing to enclose the construction site

Fencing allows you to demarcate the construction site and ensure that undesired persons do not have any access to it. Installing temporary fencing is necessary for every type of construction project and is the basis upon which you can add on other security measures. Special anti-climb fences help you to effectively increase the security of your construction site and keep undesired people out. The anti-climb fences have extra-small wire mesh, which makes it impossible to climb the fences.


Mechanical accessories for extra security

You can use mechanical accessories to strengthen your fencing and increase your security. Turn your fencing into a connected enclosure using fencing couplers. In this way, the supervisor does not have to check the fencing every day and only has to supervise the transfer of the key. Anti-lift security ensures that the fence cannot be lifted out of the foundation blocks.


Secured access

Good fencing must keep undesired people out. However, the right people must be able to access the construction site. You can create secured access for people using a pedestrian gate. You can use a sliding gate or vehicle gate for regulating vehicle access. In this way, you maintain control over who has access to the construction site and you easily keep undesired people out of your site.

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Chapter 4

The right deterrent methods on site

The proper deterrence methods ensure that undesired visitors abandon their attempts to enter your site. It is essential to secure the construction site if you want to keep undesired people from accessing it. But, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It is better to be able to sufficiently deter undesired people so that they abandon their efforts to break into or vandalise your site. You can effectively deter undesired people using the following resources:



Do not tempt thieves and vandals by publicly exhibiting all of the expensive materials present on your construction site. Effectively screen off your construction site using tarpaulins that obstruct the view. Moreover, you can use these tarpaulins to communicate that your building site is secured. The tarpaulins are easy to install on practically any type of fencing. In this way, you get maximum results with minimal effort.



Just using a tie wrap to connect your construction fencing, for example, is not enough. We have various couplers in our range that ensure unauthorised people cannot simply open the fence line. 

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