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In situations where you want to separate or guide people, it is advisable to use crowd control barriers. The height of our barriers makes it easy to form a visible barricade without being colossal and image-defining. This has a calming effect, as visitors and pedestrians do not feel rushed and can therefore follow the route more peacefully.

In our product range, we offer different types of pedestrian barriers. For example, we have pedestrian barriers with square and rounded corners. The functionality is always the same: protecting visitors and pedestrians to reduce the risk of accidents.

  • Mesh Pedestrian Euro Barrier 3.5m: This pedestrian barrier has the features and appearance of a round top temporary fence combined with the functionality of a crowd barrier. It is ideally used for pedestrian demarcation, but can certainly also be used to separate bike lanes and footpaths from other traffic. Use footings or metal base plates for optimum stability and to create a strong fence line.
  • Bar Pedestrian Barrier 2.3m: This extremely robust pedestrian barrier is perfect for crowd control at events, as this product can be easily installed. The Bar Pedestrian Barrier is supposed to be used with our footings. This is the only way to keep the barriers standing and ensure maximum stability. Furthermore, this barrier is ideal for marking out pathways, but can also be used alongside roads to guide traffic.
  • Fixed Leg Pedestrian Barrier 2.3m: This lightweight pedestrian barrier is ideal for managing or for keeping (large groups of) people at a distance. The Fixed Leg Pedestrian Barrier provides a clear separation line, which ensures safety for visitors and pedestrians. This barrier is also safe for children and animals because of the narrow bar distance.
  • Fixed Leg Trade Barrier 2.3m: The Fixed Leg Trade Barrier is an ideal pedestrian barrier for events. They keep people at an appropriate distance from the stage, for example, but can also be used to guide people in the right direction. Using our crowd control barriers contributes to a feeling of safety, allowing visitors to enjoy your event even more.
  • Gate Barrier: The Gate Barrier is a plastic pedestrian barrier that can be used to guide people and traffic. The barrier is supplied in highly visible orange as standard, but can be coloured to suit your corporate colours. 

You can deploy our pedestrian barriers at strategic points to create a division of the public. In this way, you guarantee a functioning perimeter with our crowd barriers, no matter what happens. Do you want to buy or hire our pedestrian barriers? Then request a no-obligation quote:

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reasons to use crowd control barriers at events

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The advantages of our pedestrian barriers 

With standard temporary fences, you clearly fence off your construction site and indicate that access is prohibited. Pedestrian barriers are more likely to provide a sense of security during events and along roads. As we mentioned earlier, with these barriers you create a clear conduit for pedestrians and traffic. This allows you to separate bike lanes and footpaths from other traffic, but you can also apply them next to motorways. Pedestrian barriers can also serve as traffic and person guides on active parts of the construction site.

By using crowd barriers, visitors quickly notice the presence of an appropriate security concept and can enjoy their visit even more. For example, a partition with crowd control barriers allows your visitors to let their children play a little more freely and thus enjoy the event to the full. But of course, crowd barriers are also often used at the entrance and exit of a concert or festival. This clearly indicates where the queues are to enter the site.

Another great advantage of crowd barriers is that it is impossible to lift them. Our crowd control barriers have hooks and eyes on the sides (except for the Mesh Pedestrian Euro Barrier), making it easy to slide them together and lock them. This prevents unwanted dismantling. Nevertheless, the crowd barriers are lightweight, easy to transport and quick to move if needed. Thanks to their easy assembly, the pedestrian barriers can be used very flexibly. Whether you want to use 10 or 1000 crowd barriers, implementation is very user-friendly.

If you have any further questions about our pedestrian barriers, please contact us and get comprehensive advice from our sales team.

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