Safety above all: crowd control barriers at events

Whether it's a music festival or sports event, safety should always be top priority. Our crowd barriers are suitable for this and contribute to the safety of visitors during your event. This is because these barriers are suitable for guiding people as well as keeping them at a distance. In this blog article, we will elaborate on the importance of our crowd control barriers for event safety, which crowd barriers we have in our range and how you can use them effectively.


The importance of crowd control barriers

Crowd barriers are more than just metal fences you often see at events. In fact, they are an important part of an event's security infrastructure. We list a number of reasons why our pedestrian barriers are so essential:


Crowd Control Management

Crowd control barriers are used to manage people. They prevent too many people from congregating in one place, which can lead to dangerous situations. With crowd barriers, you can create several lanes at the entrance of your event, for example.


Safety for artists or athletes

Pedestrian barriers prevent the public from easily entering the stage where artists and performers are standing. This is especially true at concerts and festivals. During sporting events, crowd control barriers keep the audience at a distance, contributing to the safety of athletes.


Separation of areas

Crowd barriers create clear boundaries between different areas at the event, such as the VIP area, press area and general entrance. This helps with crowd organisation and prevents unwanted visitors from simply entering your premises.


In case of emergency

You can also install our crowd control barriers at emergency exits. This ensures the safe evacuation of visitors, staff and performers in case of an emergency.


The correct use of crowd barriers

It is clear that crowd control barriers play a major role in the safety of your event. Of course, they must then be used correctly to be effective. Therefore, we list some important considerations:

  • Placement: Crowd control barriers should be installed at strategic locations where (large numbers of) people are expected. Think of entrances and exits, toilets, eating and drinking areas, and other potential bottlenecks.
  • Accessibility: Ensure that emergency workers can enter the site quickly without the crowd barriers blocking evacuation routes. At the entrances and exits, ensure that the rows of crowd control barriers are sufficiently spaced apart so that people can easily move between them.
  • Consult with local authorities: Always consult the local authorities or the client about the applicable guidelines and regulations for the event. This will ensure that the event runs safely.


Heras branded crowd control barriers

In the world of event security, pedestrian barriers are crucial. Heras Mobile is a leading name in fencing, and our crowd control barriers are no exception. With our barriers, you take security at your event to the next level.

Reduce the risk of accidents by protecting visitors and pedestrians with Heras Mobile’s crowd control barriers:

  • Bar Pedestrian Barrier 2.3m: The Bar Pedestrian Barrier is an extremely robust round top pedestrian barrier and is perfect for crowd control at leisure or sport events, as this product can be easily installed. Furthermore, this barrier is ideal for marking out walkways, but also for guiding traffic.
  • Fixed Leg Pedestrian Barrier 2.3m: This lightweight crowd control barrier is ideal for managing or holding back large groups of people. Whether this means clearly identifying first aid stations or providing proper crowd management of people or logistics flows - these crowd barriers contribute directly to the safety. This barrier is also safe for children and animals because of the narrow bar distance. Also available in red and white.
  • Fixed Leg Trade Barrier 2.3m: This crowd control barrier is an ideal safety barrier for managing or holding back large groups of people. This barrier let you divide the audience at strategic points, among other things. Frustration creates aggression so tactical placement of safety barriers prevents irritation. This benefit then leads to your event visitors enjoying a positive experience at your event.

We also have pedestrian gates in our product range. You can use these gates to create safe crossing points in long runs of pedestrian barriers.

Safety at events should never be underestimated and crowd control barriers play an important role in ensuring that safety. By strategically placing crowd barriers, organisers can ensure that visitors and VIPs have a safe and enjoyable experience. It is up to organisers to ensure that safety is paramount. Using Heras Mobile’s crowd barriers is a step in the right direction for improving the efficiency of your event. Safety and success can go hand in hand. Heras Mobile will help you achieve this. Request a no-obligation quote:

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