How Heras Steelhoard will save you money

Do you want to maximise your profits? Please take your time to read this blog about how using Heras Steelhoard will save you a great deal of money over the lifespan of the product.


Do you re-use your mobile offices?

You might wonder why we ask this question. As most sites have temporary site offices and they are always re-used and have a lifespan of 20 odd years. That's exactly what we want to offer with hoarding instead of scrapping timber every time or using systems that only offer 2 or 3 uses. It doesn’t only save you money but will also help you achieve your sustainability goals.


Cost comparison for 10 sites

Our specialists like to help you out with a simple and clear spreadsheet including product lifespan, re-use and full cycle costs over 10 sites. You only have to put the rates in for the solution you use at this moment.  Whether you like to compare with timber hoarding or other hoarding with a normal replacement charge at 2 or 3 re use intervals. We are convinced the result of the savings will be significant for Heras Steelhoard.


Full cycle

This includes supply, install, painting, dismantle, removal from site, maintenance and storage. Have you thought about dismantling and disposal costs for the solution you use at this moment?


Would you like to save your time?

We offer the possibility to set up a national deal so anyone of your office can place an order knowing there is a set rate, a standard install and dismantle rate and a set service charge for storage and maintenance. This means nobody at your office is spending anymore time going out to tender on every job trying to get the best rate. With Heras Steelhoard you are safe in the knowledge you are getting the most cost effective product and service and it’s just a matter of arranging time for Heras to install or dismantle it. This frees up your staff time to negotiate with subcontractors and material suppliers used in the main building process.



Heras is the only supplier who can truly service site requirements nationwide, having the largest number of directly employed installers distributed throughout mainland UK. Having a UK wide depot network reduces delivery distance and travel time for operatives lowering costs. Next to the re use of the hoarding panels this also improves the green footprint. 


Windloading calculations are included

We can provide generic wind loading calculations that comply with TWF1202-2 requirements for the major part of UK including and up to Aberdeen. This includes both in ground and on ground hoardings up to 2.4m high. It’s a free service that comes with the order of Heras Steelhoard.

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