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Hire of Heras temporary fences

Heras Mobile is the best partner for hiring temporary fences in the United Kingdom, and also has the greatest experience. We have worked together for many years in connection with construction companies and large events of all sorts.


What are your options for hiring Heras temporary fencing? Choose from our wide range so you can work flexibly and quickly with rented fencing. Request a no-obligation quote for your the hire of you Heras temporary fences. Of course, you may also contact us if you have any further questions about this. 


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Chapter 1

The cost of hiring Heras temporary fences

Is it cheaper to rent or buy temporary fences? This is a recurring question for many persons. Many people think that hiring is more expensive than buying. However, in many cases it is a better option to hire temporary fences than to buy them.  On this page you can read which factors play a role in determining the total price of hiring versus buying temporary fencing.


Duration of the construction or infrastructure project

One of the misconceptions about hiring temporary fences is that it is only advantageous to rent for a period shorter than one year. This is an incorrect assumption. In general, the turning point is 2.5 years. This means that after 2.5 years, hiring Heras temporary fencing becomes more expensive than purchasing the fence. Are you looking for fencing for 1.5 years? Then hiring is the best solution. Do you need fencing for longer than 2.5 years? Then it is best to buy the temporary fences you need.


Price-quality ratio

When comparing the price of hiring versus buying temporary fencing, the price-quality ratio should be comparable. Above all, consider the quality of the fence.

On average, a good-quality temporary fence will last about 5 years. A lightweight temporary fence of lower quality will usually last less than 2 years. If the construction project takes longer than the lifespan of the temporary fence, a new fence has to be purchased and ‘cheap’ becomes ‘expensive’. In that case, hiring a high-quality temporary fence is a better and cheaper solution.


Usage damage of temporary fence hire

The idea that when hiring temporary fences you have to pay a lot of money for any damage is a persistent misunderstanding! Only damage caused by the renter is charged for. When renting a temporary fence, you will not be charged for wear & tear resulting from normal use. In addition, maintenance of the temporary fencing is included in the rental price.

For those who are very careful with their fencing, hiring Heras temporary fences is probably less interesting. However, in practice it turns out that considerably more fence panels decay during a construction project than is generally estimated. Therefore, hiring temporary fences may be a cheaper solution.


Multiple construction projects - Hire of additional temporary fences

Buying additional fences that are only needed temporarily is a wasted investment. When there is an overlap between the end of one construction project and the start of a new one, more temporary fence panels may be needed temporarily. In that case, hiring can then be a convenient and inexpensive solution for the additional required fencing.


Occupancy rate

What is the occupancy rate of the current rental park? When the majority of the construction project requires fewer temporary fences, it is a shame to buy fences only to keep them in storage for months. So it is interesting to rent additional site fences at peak times in order to achieve a healthy occupancy rate (70% - 80%).


Storage, transport and handling

The storage, transport and handling costs of the fences are often forgotten when calculating the costs of purchasing temporary fence panels. When hiring, these costs are already included in the price, so hiring temporary fences is often cheaper at the end of the day. In addition, the transport, storage and handling of the fences is taken care of by the rental company. So none of your valuable manpower is wasted on these tasks.


Spread the costs

Buying site fencing can be a big investment and it is not always equally feasible. In that case it is better to spread the costs. Hiring temporary fences is a good solution. In this way, you pay in instalments and only for the fences that you actually use (i.e. rent). If your project is set to last longer than 2.5 years, buying is a more interesting option.

Chapter 2

The advantages of hiring temporary fences

Hiring construction fencing, like buying temporary fences, has a number of advantages. Below we have listed all the advantages of hiring Heras fence panels:

  • Flexibility: you can stop hiring your temporary fences at any time.
  • Speed: delivery and assembly can be arranged within 24 hours.
  • Fixed costs become variable. No depreciation costs.
  • No extra costs for maintenance, handling and storage.
  • You are always guaranteed good-quality fences.
  • Available directly from stock. 
Chapter 3

What types of fences and accessories can you hire?

Do you want to hire construction site fencing? Besides standard temporary fences, you can also hire fences that reduce noise pollution, for example. You can also hire the accessories that go with the temporary fences. Examples include blocks and clamps, but also struts and gates.



The standard in our rental fleet. The Anti Climb fence is a fine-mesh temporary fence with anti-climb protection. This reduces the risk of theft and vandalism. The pre-galvanised material prevents sharp zinc shards and reduces the risk of accidents. 


Crowd control barriers

The crowd control barriers by Heras Mobile are suitable for keeping (large groups of) people at a distance and directing traffic in the right direction. You can also use these fences to cordon off an area or create a walkway to guide people safely. You can rent crowd barriers for a minimum of 1 week.


Noise control barriers

The impact of complaints about noise from construction projects is growing, and construction projects can be halted as a result. The Heras Noise Control Barriers are flexible and reliable solutions that reduces the nuisance from construction noise by up to 32.8 dB. This means that the surrounding area experiences less construction noise and you can concentrate fully on the execution of your construction project. You can hire these noise-reduction screens separately or in combination with temporary fences. 


We will be happy to tell you more about the different options for hiring construction site fencing.


We provide you with honest advice

Our work is based on our customer relationships. This principle is repeated when it comes to hiring construction site fencing. We will give honest advice based on your specific needs and wishes.