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Construction sites

You can always rely on Heras Mobile. No matter how challenging your construction project, we have the right mobile fences, access control solutions and accessories for every situation. Our products therefore play an important role in your site security.

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With the right mobile fencing and access control systems, you:

  • ensure the safety of your employees and neighbouring residents

  • prevent unauthorised access to your site

  • guarantee good accessibility to your employees and suppliers

  • create a neat and tidy construction site

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“Contractors face enormous challenges. They are responsible for the safety of employees, passers-by and neighbouring residents, and for limiting nuisances and traffic disruptions.”


Heras Mobile invented the temporary fence. And to this day, we are pioneers in terms of innovation, quality, safety and durability.


At Heras Mobile we have more than 50 years of experience in temporary fencing, which makes us a premium partner.


Durability and sustainability genuinely take centre stage, both in our products and relationships, as well as in our support in terms of Health, Safety & Environment.

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Our products protect the materials on your construction site

Temporary safety solutions. Protection of your employees at the construction site. Support in complying with laws and regulations at your construction site. Heras Mobile offers all of this and more. Choose us as your preferred partner, because a safe construction site is a must.

Construction sites are often home to valuable items such as tools, machinery and building materials. Unfortunately, unsecured sites are still regularly the target of theft, resulting in destruction and high additional costs. To prevent unauthorised access and ensure a higher level of safety, opt for high-quality fences and matching accessories.

As the expert in temporary mobile fences, Heras Mobile has the right type of mobile fence for every project. We offer a wide range of standard, premium, low and city fences, as well as accessories, access control systems and soundproofing canvases for construction sites inside and outside the city core.

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Control noise inside and around the construction site.

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Solutions suitable for construction sites

While there may be some exceptions, these fences and accessories are suitable for virtually any construction site.

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