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Granting access to your temporary site

Theft and vandalism on temporary sites are unfortunately still a regular occurrence. Good security is therefore essential. With our access providers, you can limit the risks we just mentioned.

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Our products allow you to grant access to people and vehicles, regardless of the size of your construction or event site. This ensures that unauthorised persons do not enter the construction site. Check out our different access solutions.

The perfect access solutions for your construction or event site

Construction site security is vital for the progress of temporary construction projects. After all, more than 100 million euros in damage from theft and vandalism occurs on construction sites every year. The indirect damage is often much higher, as your construction project is delayed. The right access solutions give you more control over your building or event site. In principle, this starts with temporary fences and fence clamps. 

Clear access makes the construction site safer. Depending on the construction site, there are various options, such as pedestrian gates. You can also create clear entrances and exits for freight traffic, e.g. with a sliding gate or swing gate. So you always have your personal and traffic flows in order.

Good access control gives you a better overview of your construction site. For example, it makes sense to install access gates in the construction fence wall without breaking through it. The Heras access gates blend in visually and are also very easy to operate. It is set into a stand on one side and can swing freely on the other. The temporary fence gates are available in a height of 2 metres, so that the height of the fence line is maintained.

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