How to protect your construction site from theft and vandalism

The importance of good construction site security is growing. Every year, millions of pounds worth of damage is caused by theft and vandalism on construction sites. The indirect damage is often a lot more, as part of the construction has to be stopped and deadlines are not met. In this blog article, we tell you how to ensure proper security on your construction site. 


Ensure lighting and cameras  

Lighting is a must for any construction site as it increases security. This is because a burglar will be well in view if he does try to take something away. You can also consider camera surveillance to take security to the next level.


Protect the construction site with construction fences

Just cameras and lighting on the construction site is not enough. With a fence, you mark off the construction site and ensure that unauthorised persons cannot access it. Installing temporary fences is also the basis for all construction projects. Anti-Climb temporary fences help you effectively increase security on your construction site. It is impossible to climb over these fences, thus keeping unwanted persons out. 

You can also attach construction fence cloths or Noise Control Barriers to your construction fences. This serves as blinding, preventing people from looking onto the construction site. This will make it more unattractive for thieves and vandals to enter the construction site, as they will not know what is out there.


Store valuables

Do not leave items lying around unattended on the construction site, but make sure there is a storage area. For example, you can store large materials in a lockable material container, while small tools and other items can easily be stored in a so-called tool barrow. This way, you can prevent theft of your valuable materials.


Monitor entrances and exits

The construction site is a dynamic location, with people, vehicles and materials coming and going. In addition, there are often several parties involved in a construction project, such as architects, project managers, contractors and subcontractors. So keeping an overview can be quite a task. If there is no supervision of who enters the site, you may even have to deal with theft and vandalism

Temporary fences do not always keep unwanted people out. Official construction site entrances and exits can also be an entrance for thieves and vandals. Therefore, it is important to keep surveillance. You achieve this, for example, with a pedestrian gate to give people controlled access. Construction traffic can enter the building site through a sliding fence gate or swing gate

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