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Reducing construction noise

The number of complaints about noise nuisance from building projects is increasing and having a greater impact. Anyone who makes a lot of noise can be sure to receive objections from local residents, which can bring your project to a standstill.

Our acoustic barrier/noise control barriers are flexible, user-friendly and affordable acoustic fencing solutions for reducing noise nuisance from construction works.


In our white paper, you will discover the causes, regulations, trends and solutions for noise at construction sites.

  • Noise nuisance can seriously threaten the progress of construction projects;
  • Noise harms hearing and significantly affects physical and mental health;
  • Assertive and active citizens are gaining more of a voice within their community. Legislation is reinforcing this development.


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Chapter 1

Why are noise control measures important?

The impact of construction noise

One of the greatest risks in construction projects is invisible: the noise produced by the building site. This risk is even growing. There are increasing numbers of inner-city construction sites, where homes, schools and care institutions, for example, are situated close to the source of construction noise.

In addition, the health consequences of (construction) noise are becoming increasingly well known. Too much noise can damage your hearing, cause cardiovascular disease, lead to loss of concentration, cause headaches and stress and disturb your sleep. 


Laws and rules relating to construction noise

Construction noise therefore affects residential comfort and can also affect the health of people who live nearby, go to school, work or receive care close to the construction site. It is therefore logical that strict rules and regulations apply to construction noise. In fact, the working hours of constructors are framed by legislation. The times at which noisy work is allowed differs across the country due to the Control of Pollution Act 1974 giving Local Authorities the power to control noise from construction sites and similar areas. Although these work times do vary, the standard hours during which noisy work is acceptable is usually between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday. 

Chapter 2

Prevent delay, reduce noise nuisance

Construction companies that fail to consider the environment and local residents can expect a visit from authorities. In fact, there will be a serious threat to progress in construction projects when issuing licences and local residents hear too much noise and see a lack of specific measures against noise pollution. Therefore, all project leaders must already be aware of environmental management at an early stage, and put ‘noise pollution’ at the top of the list, including protective measures and relevant communication. 

Furthermore, constant monitoring is still important even when construction noise meets the requirements. Every decibel that can be prevented, absorbed, or reflected is worthwhile. This all begins with smart purchasing. Pay attention to noise levels when buying machines, tools and equipment. 

Our acoustic barriers are also a smart investment. The acoustic fencing helps you reduce noise nuisance from construction works and avoid complaints from local residents. The design of the acoustic fence panels reduces the amount of noise that can be heard from your building works. You can isolate sources of noise by strategically placing these acoustic barriers to ensure the sound does not echo and travel to surrounding areas. The product’s versatile application makes it extremely suitable for use in any construction project.

We have two types in our range. The Acoustic Barrier and the Noise Control Barrier 2.0. The Noise Control Barrier has more advantages than the Acoustic Barrier. Some of those advantages are:

  1. Maximum sound reduction
    Reduce noise pollution by up to 32.8 dB.

  2. Long lifespan with minimal maintenance
    The single-layer material does not absorb any water and retains hardly any dirt.

  3. Vandalism-proof
    Thanks to a stronger, leathery, fire-resistant canvas.

  4. User-friendly and flexible
    A flexible canvas in a handy size: 1.2 x 2.0 metres. Simple assembly by just one employee.

  5. Fire-resistant
    The fire-resistant material makes the sound reducing canvas extremely suitable for placement around aggregates, for example.
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Control noise levels at your construction site with the Noise Control Barrier 2.0.

Find out everything you need to know.

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Chapter 3

On-site and laboratory test: 6 dB more noise reduction

To guarantee claims about its application, we’ve tested the noise-reduction capacity of the Noise Control Barriers. The first test was performed on-site in a ‘square’ installation (fully closed), a 'C’ installation (closed on 3 sides) and a ‘linear’ installation. The comparison was made by taking two measurements: at the noise source, and on the other side of the barrier. The result: The Noise Control Barrier 2.0 can reduce an extra 6 dB of noise. We’re proud to make the detailed results from these tests available here.

The Noise Control Barrier 2.0 has also been subjected to extensive laboratory testing by the independent SRL. You can download this report here.

Chapter 4

Reduce noise nuisance for the surrounding area and employees

Your responsibility as project manager goes further than just the progress of the project. Employees can experience direct and indirect effects of noise levels that are too high, and the hearing damage this can cause. We’re learning more and more about the indirect consequences. That’s why it’s so important to protect your employees against noise as much as possible. Noise is after all still one of the biggest health risks in construction.

Construction noise coming from aggregates, grinders, pumps and demolition works elsewhere on the building site can easily be limited with the correct installations. Our acoustic fencing is a simple, valuable addition to reduce construction noise. With these soundproof mats, you can isolate aggregates in a square arrangement, for example, which limits noise nuisance not just for the surrounding area but also for your employees.

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Acoustic fencing for limiting noise nuisance from construction works

The Noise Control Barrier 2.0 reduces noise up to 32.8 dB, has a long lifespan, is easy to install and is maintenaince free. One mobile fence requires three barriers. 

Do you have any questions about the Noise Control Barrier 2.0? We are glad to help you.