The importance of pedestrian gates

Pedestrian gates for effective crowd control management

Our pedestrian gates are important for an effective crowd control management. Whether it is a concert, festival or sports event, strategically placed pedestrian gates contribute significantly to the overall success of events. They can regulate and organise the flow of people as you can create designated entry and exit points. The strategic placement of pedestrian gates is essential for maintaining order, ensuring safety and optimising the overall experience for both visitors and event organisers.

With our Walk Through Pedestrian Barrier and Gated Walk Through Pedestrian Barrier, you create a safe opening in your long runs of crowd control barriers. The use of these gates makes it immediately clear where people can cross safely. Of course, this is also useful in case of emergencies and evacuations. 

The hook and eye system of the Walk Through Pedestrian barriers makes it difficult to lift a pedestrian gate from the fence line. This prevents the creation of other entrances and exits just like that. The gates therefore also serves to enable you to supervise the crossing point.


Pedestrian gates as practical access to construction sites

Pedestrian gates are a good addition not only at festivals and events. On construction sites, too, it is of course useful that you can allow persons to enter the construction site safely. When using our high temporary fences, you can use the Round Top pedestrian gate. This temporary fencing gate fits well with the fence line; you only need to use couplers to secure the gate in the temporary fence line.

The importance of pedestrian gates also lies in enhancing security. Safety is a paramount concern at construction sites, where heavy machinery, equipment and ongoing construction work pose inherent risks. You can strategically place pedestrian gates to control and manage the movement of pedestrians around the construction zones. Pedestrian gates serve as a protective barrier, restricting unauthorised people to access the site. By controlling access, these gates help prevent theft and vandalism. 

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Our Walk Through Pedestrian Barriers are a perfect addition to your crowd control barriers.


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Buy or hire pedestrian gates from Heras Mobile

At Heras Mobile, you can buy and hire our products. In this way, we always offer a suitable solution, regardless of the duration of your project. For events, for example, it may be more economical to hire pedestrian gates. Often you only need the gates for a short period of time, making buying the pedestrian gate(s) too big an investment.

On the other hand, for a multi-year construction plan, it may be more advantageous to buy the temporary fencing gates. In this way, the products are under your control and you can deploy them whenever you wish.

We are happy to help you determine what fits your situation. Please contact us by phone (+44 (0)800 073 9987) or by email (info@heras-mobile.co.uk).

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Heras Mobile is also committed to working on smaller projects. If a temporary mobile sliding gate is just too much, other simple and clear-cut entrances and exits can be made.

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