The suitable vehicle gate for your situation

Long vehicles need sufficient space to enter and manoeuvre on the construction site. You should definitely take this into account when planning your construction site. Heras Mobile offers two types of gates to regulate vehicles.


Efficient Vehicle Gate Round Top 

Due to this gate it is immediately visible where the access points are located so vehicles can enter and exit your premises safely. The gate is easy to manually operate by the handles and can be full opened. This ultimately creates a total passage of over 4 metres. Keep in mind that the gate moves inwards, so there should be enough space to fully open the gate.

The Vehicle Gate Round Top is an elegant and robust gate suitable for various sites, including construction sites and public spaces. The gate is visually impressive and a real upgrade for your temporary site. In the end, you will create a secure perimeter fencing around your premises with our Vehicle Gate Round Top. The vehicle gate fits seamlessly into your fencing line. With just two couplers on each side, you connect the gate to your temporary fences. 


Practical sliding fence gate

If your temporary site has limited space, our Vehicle Gate Round Top is often not a good choice. That is why we also offer you our sliding fence gate. The sliding fence gate also fits seamlessly into your temporary fencing line. The gate is 3.5 metres wide, making it wide enough for most vehicles to enter or leave the site. You can open the sliding gate as far as you want to prevent unauthorised people from entering your premises. If you expect wide vehicles, such as trucks, you can install two gates side by side. In this way, you will create an entrance of up to 7 metres wide. 

Installation of the sliding gate is simple. With only 1 temporary fence element, 2 steel base plates, 3 wheels and 3 couplers, you create a sliding fence gate. The sliding gate can also be easily moved to another location on your construction site.


Buy or hire vehicle gates from Heras Mobile

So, we offer two types of vehicles gates, each with its advantages. You can either hire or buy both gates. This allows us to always provide you with a suitable solution, regardless of the duration of the project. 

Do you still have questions about the Vehicle Gate Round Top or the sliding fence gate? You can reach us via phone on 0800 073 9987 or by email at info@heras-mobile.co.uk. Already convinced of your choice? Then request a no-obligation quotation.  

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Optimal access is important for any construction site.

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reasons why vehicle gates are indispensable

The importance of vehicle gates

Vehicles gates play a crucial role in ensuring safety, security and efficiency throughout the project. Our gates serve as controlled entry and exit points for vehicles entering the premises, regulating traffic flow and reducing risks associated with unauthorised persons. The importance of vehicle gates can be highlighted into several key aspects.


Increased safety and security

Construction sites, for example, are inherently hazardous environments with heavy machinery, moving equipment and persons, and various construction materials. Vehicle gates help increase safety by controlling the entry of vehicles, ensuring that only authorised vehicles and personnel gain access to the site. This reduces the likelihood of potential accidents, injuries and fatalities.

Construction sites are susceptible to theft and vandalism due to unauthorised people. This can result in losses and project delays. Vehicle gates are a visible barrier that make it more difficult for thieves and vandals to enter the site, especially if there is also surveillance of the site entrances and exits. 


Traffic management

By deploying a vehicle gate or sliding fence gate, it is clear where vehicles should enter the site. At the same time, you can facilitate the organised flow of traffic because you have to manually open the gates. This minimises disruptions and optimises the overall operational efficiency.


Emergency response preparedness

In the event of emergencies, such as fires or medical incidents, rapid access to and from the site is critical for emergency response teams. Our vehicle gates serve as designated access points for emergency vehicles. 

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