A reliable construction fence supplier with a long-term focus

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Reliability is a machine that never fails

Since we produce our construction site fences in house, we have a large stock. This means that we can deliver your order quickly. Did you know that we deliver more than 1.8 million construction site fences a year? That's over 6,300 kilometres of construction site fences equivalent to the distance from London to Miami. 

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A flexible approach tailored to your wishes

We always give our customers honest advice and we propose the most durable solutions. We also have sufficient leeway to arrange something for you at short notice. As a result, we always keep our promises.


Heras Mobile adopts a solution-oriented approach

We think along with you about a suitable solution for your site. We secure your construction site with fences, access control solutions and accessories, allowing you to focus on your core business. That makes us the perfect extension to your company. 


"Thanks to our solid and long-term partnerships with suppliers, we never face any shortages of raw materials, so we don't have any production stoppages. That makes us a truly reliable partner for our customers."

Stevie Groom

Operations Manager

A few astonishing facts and figures


years of experience in construction site fencing


construction site fences produced every day


satisfied customers in the UK


km of fences delivered to customers


We will be happy to tell you more about reliability.


We strive for our customers to come back time and again

They deserve only the very best. That is why we offer a top-notch service and excellent logistics. It’s in our DNA. Our team will be happy to assist you with targeted advice for your specific situation.


employees make us your reliable fence supplier

Our goal is to be both reliable and flexible

Heras Mobile has been an expert in construction site fencing for over 50 years. Decades of knowledge and experience have made us leaders in our sector, both at national and international level. This acquired expertise is reflected in our production, delivery, assembly and advice, enabling us to provide excellent support in securing your site. We understand better than anyone that you want to work with a reliable, high-quality partner.

Heras Mobile is the reliable partner you are looking for. Through our innovative products and our 'walking encyclopaedias' (our employees, that is), we will take care of your construction site fences, access control and accessories from A to Z. In a nutshell, top-notch assistance, hassle-free.

From standard construction site fences and clamps to access control and noise reduction solutions, Heras Mobile guarantees reliability and availability. Our production lines are always up and running and we have a large stock at all times, which prevents shortages and unnecessary delivery delays. We never shy away from challenges, no matter how big, and we never compromise on quality and reliability.


A wide choice of fences, gates and accessories.

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Temporary fences, fence gates and accessories

Heras Mobile believes that a safe working and living environment is a must for a carefree life. Our temporary fences, access solutions and accessories actively contribute to this.


Heras Mobile offers high-quality temporary fencing for various sectors. We sell and rent durable, high-quality construction site fencing in various sizes with a longer lifespan.

Access solutions

Construction sites are dynamic places. Heras Mobile offers access solutions for persons and vehicles to make your construction or event site as safe as possible.

But there’s more!

We offer more than fencing and access solutions. Various accessories and services ensure that you can easily lock, reinforce and secure your construction site fencing.

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