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Advice and customisation from Heras Mobile make all the difference


Personal advice

Our employees make all the difference, from our account managers and office staff to our installation teams. Your project receives personal attention and can be customized if you wish.


Honesty above all

We value long-term relationships, so you can always expect honesty from us. After all, that is the basis of a relationship based on trust and mutual understanding.


Sound advice

If you have questions or need advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experience in the construction sector spans more than 50 years.


“Customised advice and solutions - that’s where we excel. When you purchase Heras construction fences, you purchase added value.”

Stevie Groom

Operations Manager


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Customised support from A to Z for your construction or event site

Your security needs depend on the phase of your construction project and the type of project you are looking to secure. You need a different type of fencing and security for a music event than for a potato field. But what is the best solution for your specific situation? Our experts can help! Heras Mobile offers businesses the right security solutions for every situation, no matter how challenging, and takes care of everything from A to Z.

If you’re organising a festival, for example, you don’t need regular fences, as guests would be able to climb over them pretty easily. A fine mesh fence is much more suitable. For Tomorrowland Festival, for example, a custom solution was devised. The fence was made half a meter longer, especially for this event.

Security begins with fencing, but that’s not where it ends. Whatever your situation, you need to be aware of what you are buying and why. What is your goal? You need a clear plan for every phase of your construction project and for every situation. Heras Mobile thinks along with the customer and always provides appropriate solutions. Whether it’s music or potatoes: our people have the customer in mind.


In addition to the extensive standard product range based on more than 50 years of experience and innovation, we are also happy to engage in the development of the best customised solutions.


We are unconditionally ready for our customers

We are flexible in making adjustments. Almost anything is possible as far as we are concerned. Do you want a sky-blue gate or a temporary construction fence with a red powder coating? It is possible! Contact us and challenge us with your question.