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Make a considered choice: hiring or buying temporary fences?


Hiring gives flexibility

You stop renting at a time that suits you. And we even assemble and disassemble the work for you. 

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Always hire quality fences

A wide range of rental fences, gates and accessories. Always the latest construction fences available from stock.

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No maintenance or storage

If you hire temporary fences, you have no maintenance costs and no space requirement for storing them. 


"For the rental of construction fences, access providers and accessories, Heras Mobile is the right partner for you. We are happy to work with you to find a tailor-made solution."

Darran Chissell

UK National Sales Manager

5 questions to make the right choice

Accommodation, welfare facilities, security and temporary fencing are just some of the things we need to consider at site set up stage and it always poses the question of whether these site facilities should be bought outright or hired.

When it comes to temporary fencing, Heras Mobile offers all our products on a hire or sale basis for collection or delivery across the UK. Whether you need Heras mesh, hoarding, barriers or specialist products we can help. Download our brochure and find out what products you can buy or rent.

Here is a little guide of the considerations you should be making and the pros and cons of hiring or buying temporary fencing products.


Question 1. What is your available budget?

The budget you have available for site set up can often determine whether you should look to hire or buy temporary fencing for your site. There are ways you can offset your site set up costs, and customers using the Heras Airmesh or Heras Acoustic Barrier can use the printing capability to sell advertising space; which is great for city centre sites that attract a lot of passers by. Another way you can save money when buying temporary fencing is taking advantage of our buyback scheme; just contact us to find out more.


Question 2. How long do you need your temporary fencing on site?

As a general rule of thumb, hiring a system with us can be the most cost effective option, but if your site enabling works and construction is likely to go on for a long period of time then buying your temporary fencing products may work out more cost effective. Ask us for a quote and we can provide you with prices based on hire and sale for you to compare the two.


Question 3. How many metres do you need? 

Be it ten metres or a thousand metres, we can cope with jobs small or large. Obviously, if you only need ten panels this is going to cost much less than hiring or buying a thousand metres but it’s still a consideration you should think about when looking to hire or buy a fencing system.


Question 4. How quickly do you need it?

If you need temporary fencing on site tomorrow, we are happy to arrange collection or delivery of all the systems we hire and sell. Our depots are fully stocked with a range of products. The advantage of planning in advance means that we can pass on our very best transport costs to you.


Question 5. What will you do with your temporary fencing when you have finished using it?

Once your site is complete, if you have hired your system all you need to do is give us a call and we’ll arrange collection. If you have bought your fencing then you have the advantage of using your products straight onto your next site.

Now that you’ve weighed up the pros and cons, why not ask our National Control Centre for a price by sending us an enquiry or calling 0800 073 9987.


We are happy to give you advice without any obligation

Our customers expect sound advice when it comes to choosing whether to rent or buy. With the right insight into your project, we are happy to help.