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Temporary fences, crowd barriers and traffic demarcation

Temporary fences are indispensable for any construction site and therefore the basis for your site equipment. At Heras Mobile, you have come to the right place to buy or rent high-quality temporary fences, crowd barriers and traffic demarcation products.

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You can properly secure any construction or event site with our temporary fences, crowd barriers and traffic demarcation products. You keep unauthorised people out and improve the appearance of your construction site. Check out our different types of temporary fences and traffic demarcation solutions or request a no-obligation quote.

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Buying and hiring authentic Heras construction site fencing at an attractive price

Temporary fences are fences you can use on and around construction or event sites. This keeps people who do not belong on your site away and prevents theft and vandalism. And although all construction fences look alike, each has its own characteristics and purposes. From crowd control barriers to anti-climb fence panels and traffic demarcation solutions. We have a suitable temporary fence for every project and sector. At Heras Mobile, it is possible to buy or hire temporary fences.

Heras Mobile's extensive range consists of a perfect mix of price and quality. With our temporary fences, you will always create a reliable and temporary perimeter for a construction site, a event site or for infrastructure work. For sites that require extra security, we also have the right construction fences and accessories to make your project a success. 

Our construction site fences are produced using the latest welding techniques and undergo quality control. The manufacturing process uses state-of-the-art welding technology (SmartWeld) to weld the temporary fence frame together. By sending a high current through the tubes, the material is fused together to form a sturdy frame without any additional material being added. This technique ensures that the chance of cracking or breaking the weld is virtually non-existent.


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