Navigating safely: the use of road barriers on construction sites or during roadworks

In the world of construction and roadworks, ensuring the safety of workers and the public is paramount. One crucial element in achieving this goal is the effective use of traffic barriers. These barriers play a vital role in controlling the flow of traffic, protecting workers, and minimising the risk of accidents in construction zones and roadwork areas. In this blog, we will delve into the significance of traffic demarcation barriers, their types, and their impact on overall safety.


Safety first: protecting workers and the public

Construction sites and roadworks inherently pose risks to both workers and the general public. Traffic demarcation barriers act as a protective shield by clearly delineating safe zones and directing traffic. They are used as protective measures to keep sites safe from passers-by and traffic, as well as to keep the public safe from any dangers that might occur. Our highly visible barriers are a warning that the public should watch out for the work taking place. So, road barriers not only safeguard workers from potential accidents but also ensures the safety of motorists and pedestrians navigating through the area.


How to choose the right traffic barrier?

When building in high-traffic zones, you are obliged to install proper traffic barriers. However, with the wide range of road barriers available, it can be difficult to decide which barrier is suitable for your situation. Therefore, we explain the different types of barriers and their functionalities.


Water filled traffic barriers

These barriers are more flexible and lightweight, filled with water for stability. Water-filled barriers are easy to install and relocate, making them ideal for all types of projects. Their design absorbs and dissipates energy upon impact, reducing the severity of collisions. At Heras Mobile, we offer the following water filled barriers:

  • GB2 Heavy Duty Barrier: This water filled traffic barrier is suitable for low level containment such as highways. A pin locking device allows each barrier to have a 35 degree configuration allowing for angles and curves. The system can withstand wind loading of up to 78mph and is extremely robust.
  • Heras EVO Barrier 1.0m: The EVO Barrier is a fully interlocking system which can be water or sand filled. The barrier is available in three different sizes which can be used together giving a versatile traffic barrier system.
  • RB22 Barrier: This barrier is ideally suited for deployment in unsafe traffic locations such as extreme sharp or blind curves, mountainous roads, high embankments or bordering off roadworks. The water filled traffic barrier brings an errant vehicle to a controlled stop as it absorbs the impact energy of the hitting vehicle.
  • Heras Interblock 1.75m: Especially when pedestrians and vehicles need to follow a designated pathway, our Interblocks can be used. The water filled Heras Interblock 1.75m brings you everything you expect from a traffic barrier.
  • RB2000 Heavy Duty Barrier: The RB2000 system is a low level and heavy duty containment barrier suitable for highways and site delineation. It has a fully interlocking system giving the barrier the versatility to flow around corners and bends. This traffic barrier can be filled with water or ballast.


Steel road barriers

The Bull Barrier is a heavy duty traffic barrier that can be used during roadworks where moving vehicles are in close proximity to the temporary site and its operatives. This steel barrier is ideal for traffic delineation including public roads, highways, airports and temporary pavements. Thanks to the efficient design, Bull Barriers can also be installed quickly and safely by just two people. 

Traffic barriers thus come in many shapes and sizes. Durability, versatility, costs and ease of installation are all important considerations before making a decision. We are happy to help you choosing the right traffic barrier. Contact our team: +44 800 073 9987 or


Is it better to hire or buy road traffic barriers?

As a premium provider of road barriers in the United Kingdom, we are often asked whether it is cheaper to hire or buy our barriers. An answer cannot really be given because it depends on your situation. Many contractors choose to buy barriers for a better return on investment, particularly over the long term. Moreover, people who have decided to purchase road barriers have ownership of a depreciable asset that can be used over again. 

In turn, for short-term project, it may be more economical to hire the road barriers. Even if you temporarily need more road barriers to cover a peak moment, for example, it is more economical to temporarily rent the required products. 


Key considerations for the use of traffic barriers

Traffic barriers serve as the unsung heroes of road safety, directing vehicular and pedestrian flow while safeguarding construction sites and roadwork areas. Of course, the last thing you want is for accidents to happen. That is why it is important that you deploy traffic barriers in the right way.

The effectiveness of traffic barriers hinges on proper placement. Create a clear delineation between the work zone and traffic flow, ensuring barriers are positioned to guide vehicles and pedestrians safely. Consider factors such as sightlines, turns, and potential blind spots when configuring the layout of road barriers.

In addition, enhancing visibility is a key aspect of traffic barrier deployment. Our road barriers are red and white, making them highly visible even from afar. This simple feature can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and improve overall safety.

Correctly implementing road barriers is an intricate dance of understanding project needs and selecting the right barriers. By paying attention to placement and visibility, the correct use of road traffic barriers contributes significantly to the overall safety and success of construction projects and roadworks. As we continue to prioritise safety and efficiency on our roads, the careful consideration of traffic barriers remains paramount. Request a no-obligation quotation if you want to know more about our road barriers:

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