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Our road barriers (also called traffic barriers or traffic management barriers) are suitable for marking a clear path for motorists and pedestrians during roadworks. The barriers serve as physical barricades to guide traffic in the right direction. 

Completely freestanding: You do not need to fix our road barriers into the ground. This makes it easy to move around the traffic barriers and reconfigure them to suit your layout.

Wind resistant: Our traffic barriers are designed to stand strong winds. In fact, most barriers are quite heavy, which minimises the risk of falling over. To make the road barrier even heavier, you can fill them with water, for example. Our barriers are also highly resistant to any kind of weather, making it suitable for use outdoors.

Highly visible: To help direct traffic to the designated sections or cordon off certain areas, the traffic barriers should be highly visible. That is why we use the colours red and white for our barriers, so you can see our road barrier from afar. 

Quick and easy to install: Our road barriers nearly all have an easy interlocking system. This method helps make installation a much faster process. No specialist tools, no welding and no skilled labour are needed.


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Traffic barriers are indispensable elements to increase road safety during construction projects or roadworks. For example, you could use our Bull Barrier or Heras Interblock 1.75m to segregate pedestrians and vehicles from the temporary site. Especially when passengers need to follow a designated pathway, our highly visible and robust traffic barriers are essential.

Our GB2 Barriers and RB2000 Barriers are suitable for low level containment such as highways. Of course, they are ideally suited to protect the public and provide a safe working environment. When the roadworks are located in unsafe traffic locations, you could use our RB22 Barrier to cordon off temporary works. Should a driver still collide with the barriers in the event of an accident the crush barrier will be absorbing impact energy of the hitting vehicle and reduces the severity of the accident.

Last of all, our EVO Barrier is available in three different sizes. You could use this barrier to create a versatile, continuous traffic barrier system. We advise you to link several units together to create the most efficient traffic demarcation for your construction site. 

The strategic placement and diverse designs of our traffic barriers cater to different safety needs. All our barriers have the advantage of being used with Heras temporary fences to keep the public safe. Do you want to know more? Our team is here to help. Request a no-obligation quote for one of our road barriers.

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The Bull Barriers' installation process is characterised by simplicity and speed. Watch the video and find out all about the installation.

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advantages of traffic barriers

The advantages of traffic barriers in construction zones

In any construction project or during roadworks, ensuring the safety of workers, pedestrians and drivers is of paramount importance. Proper traffic management plays a crucial role in achieving this goal. So, we list some reasons why you should consider using traffic barriers. These barriers are strategically placed alongside highways to prevent vehicles and pedestrians from leaving the designated pathways. 


Enhanced safety

One of the primary reasons for implementing traffic demarcation barriers in high-traffic zones is to enhance safety. Our barriers stand out well due to the safety colours (red and white) and this contributes directly to increased safety. In fact, you clearly show that traffic must temporarily follow a designated road. Clear markings help prevent accidents, reduce the risk of collisions and protect both workers and the public. 


Project efficiency

Efficient traffic management contributes to the overall efficiency of construction projects and roadworks. By strategically placing road barriers, drivers know exactly which road to follow. This will keep them away from the work activities. So, well-organised traffic management minimises delays and reduces the risk of accidents. 


Accidents prevention

Our traffic barriers serve as a visible and tangible means for vehicles moving near a construction site or roadworks. Placing barriers keeps vehicles safely away from the works. This helps prevents accidents. 


Pedestrian protection

In addition to safeguarding vehicular traffic, traffic management barriers provide protection for pedestrians navigating around construction sites or roadworks. Our barriers create a designated and secure pathway for pedestrians reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring that they are not inadvertently exposed to construction hazards.


Traffic flow management

Traffic barriers contribute to the efficient management of traffic flow around construction zones. By guiding vehicles along predetermined routes, barriers help prevent congestion and ensure a smoother movement of traffic. This, in turn, minimises delays and enhances overall project efficiency.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to get more information about our traffic barriers.

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