For more certainty in the building process.

Satisfied customers who keep coming back to us are our driving force. We run for our customers. It is in our DNA. You also find that DNA in the service we provide and in our excellent logistics.

Heras offers a wide range of service solutions. These solutions guarantee that your product performs optimally and that your site is optimally secured. Heras has the following standard service solutions:

Assembly and maintenance

Admittedly, mounting a temporary fence is no rocket science. But with 30 years of rental experience, we can get it faster and, sorry for the impertinence, better. For our relationships further from home we have clear-cut instructions available.Read more

Advice and customized work

There is a world of difference between advice and a sales pitch. And because we so highly value long-term relationships, you can expect an honest story from us. That is the basis for trust and mutual understanding. Read more

Buying or hiring temporary fencing

Accommodation, welfare facilities, security and temporary fencing are just some of the things we need to consider at site set up stage and it always poses the question of whether these site facilities should be bought outright or hired. Read more

Transport and storage

Heras Mobile – the name says it all – must excel at logistical services. Without the highest consistent quality in this area, we cannot justify our business. In other words, agreements are agreements: speed, flexibility and accuracy for all deliveries. And that is why you run into the successful results of our logistical processes all over Europe and beyond. Read more

Tarpaulins and publicity

The perimeter of your terrain is an extremely effective stage for your outdoor advertising: for your company, location marketing, sales support and the communication of regulations. Truly effective: Involve the neighbours in your project by having the school children in the area decorate the tarpaulins, for example. Read more

Wind Loading

We can provide you with a host of advice including how to choose the right ‘Wind Loading’ product for your system. Read more

Trade Account

At Heras Mobile Fencing & Security we are pleased to offer customers the facility of a trade account. Read more

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