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Heras Steelhoard

Heras Steelhoard provides a temporary metal hoarding system consisting of a unique set of individual components that are assembled on-site to produce a continuous and seamless hoarding façade. The components can be assembled without the need for drilling, riveting, or screwing them together. As the system is supplied in kit form, it allows heavy-duty parts to be safely installed. The components’ longevity allows the metal hoarding panels to be reused multiple times, enabling the hoarding fence to have a low carbon footprint and to be extremely cost-effective.

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Heras Steelhoard: high-quality, reusable metal hoarding panels for durable, cost-effective and secure site fencing.

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Chapter 1

A sustainable and cost-effective metal hoarding system

The heavy-duty components with durable surface treatment ensure maximum longevity and enable you to re-use the metal hoarding system multiple times. Any damages are confined to individual parts that can be replaced cost-effectively.

The unique flat-pack design of the component kit allows more equipment per load, lowering the carbon footprint during delivery and collection, as well as lowering transportation and storage costs. All components are a 100% recyclable and can be reprocessed at the end of the system’s life cycle. Heras Steelhoard temporary fencing is the most sustainable on the market and up to 10 times re-usable.

  1. A metal hoarding fence system that meets your specific requirements
    Specification can be changed to accommodate your requirements in terms of the height of the sheets, mesh extensions, and barbed wire toppings without changing basic parts.

  2. Save time and expenses with a unique component type system
    The components of the hoarding fence can be installed and dismantled rapidly as no drilling, screwing or riveting is required. Any damages are limited to a single part.

  3. Lower your costs for storage and transportation
    The components are compactly stacked on pallets, lowering transportation and storage cost.

  4. Flexible instalment for all types of terrain, without underground services
    The wide range of fencing brackets accommodates all kinds of undulating terrain. The metal hoarding panels can be installed in the ground in sockets or erected using ballast blocks on the surface where ground penetration is not permissible or suitable. When installed in the ground, the post centres can be varied to avoid underground services.

  5. Protection against environmental conditions
    To ensure the metal hoarding will not rot or degrade, all parts are galvanised and the infill sheets are powder coated over.

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Our checklist will help you discover if Heras Steelhoard is a suitable solution.

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Chapter 2

Highest level of security on site

Toughness and durability are the key elements of the system. Steelhoard is the original steel hoarding system and forms a 2.4m high continuous smart fascia system and is manufactured from ultra-heavy-duty materials giving it a design life of 25 years.

Heras Steelhoard’s rigorous testing sets new levels of safety and surpasses the requirements of TWf1220-02 and BS5975:2008+A1:2011. Our testing will cover any site on mainland UK up to the most of Scotland. All Steelhoard installations are carried out nation wide by fully qualified directly employed operatives. The metal hoarding fence withstands all site-specific wind loading requirements for the UK. The 2.4m high fascia is uninterrupted with posts and fittings concealed increasing security.

  • We have created an instructional video so that you can easily install this system. Prefer to spend your time on something else? Our installers are fully trained to the highest industry accreditation and are happy to take the work off your hands.
  • The system can be installed extremely quickly and was designed to give the appearance of a continuous run.
  • The system has been designed to be stored compactly giving it the lowest carbon footprint when transported.
Chapter 3

Improve your corporate image with flat surface advertising

The Heras Steelhoard hoarding fence offers a continuous seamless fascia, free from joints and uninterrupted by posts. It provides a clean, uninterrupted surface ideal for the installation of flat advertising media. The box profile sheets can be detailed to corporate requirements in any RAL or BS colour.

  • No need for powder coating posts or having infill strips on joints
  • Periodic power washing restores hoarding to original condition on long contracts or where it is exposed to surface contamination.

Keith Philips, director at Dig-FX

“"What we like best about the Steelhoard system is that it is quick to assemble and erect, easily transferable on-site, and re-usable for future projects. All with minimal waste or loss of the product."

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All in one service for site to site installation and storage

Heras Steelhoard offers a general site to site service with a storage and maintenance facility available for their clients’ hoarding inventory between projects. This service includes an initial survey and report, delivery and installation to the client's requirements. At the end of a project, the metal hoarding panels are dismantled and removed from the site. The equipment is then cleaned, sorted and stored on one of our 7 locations ready for call off.