Transform your Heras fencing into an entrance gate

Creating a fence gate involves more than just the gate itself; it requires a range of access accessories to ensure functionality. From hinges to wheels, each component plays a crucial role in the gate’s overall performance. We give you an overview of some essential accessories for transforming your fences into a fence gate. 

The Gate Collar Hinge from Heras Mobile is an essential product in site access management. This component provides a sturdy and reliable hinge mechanism for gates. Its robust construction ensures durability in demanding environments, offering secure closure and easy operation. With the Gate Collar Hinge, construction site entrances remain secure while allowing convenient access for authorised people and vehicles.

In addition to the Gate Collar Hinge, our product range features the Castor Wheel. This is another indispensable access accessory from Heras Mobile to create a simple entrance. Designed to be  effortless, the Castor Wheel enables smooth and easy access. To create a 7m-wide gate, attach the Castor Wheel to two temporary fences. We also recommend to using the hinge, as it makes it easier to open and close the temporary fence at a pivot point. In the end, you will have a gate suitable for freight traffic to enter and exit the construction site. 


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Like all Heras Mobile products, you can hire or buy our access accessories. Interested in the Gate Collar Hinge and Castor Wheel in combination with our temporary fences? Then request a no-obligation quotation or call our sales team at 0800 073 9987. They will be happy to check with you what is suitable for your specific location and needs.

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