HERAS Steelhoard temporary hoarding versus plastic site hoarding

A big argument for using plastic site hoarding instead of a steel hoarding solution is the fact that plastic hoarding panels have a flat fascia which is ideal for advertising. However, there are many more considerable downsides to using plastic hoarding instead of a steel hoarding system. In this blog,  we explore the benefits of the HERAS Steelhoard temporary hoarding system compared to those of plastic site hoarding. 

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Heras Steelhoard: proven durable, cost-effective and safe

Heras Mobile Fencing & Security (Heras MF&S) expands its range with Heras Steelhoard: an innovative and durable system for temporary hoarding of construction sites. Heras Mobile takes over the product from Heras Perimeter Protection Ltd. portfolio. "Heras Steelhoard has been proving itself as a very reliable, semi-permanent system for 25 years now. So it's actually quite logical that it gets a place within our range of temporary fencing. By doing so, we increase our offer and flexibility towards our customers: Heras MF&S will really be a one-stop-shop," says Adrian Day (divisional sales manager). Heras Steelhoard is for sale immediately, possibly with a site-to-site service.


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10 reasons to choose Steelhoard for your site hoarding

There are many things to take into consideration when choosing a hoarding system for your building site. You will want to observe all legal requirements and regulations to guarantee the safety of your workers and the public, as well as ensure the security of the building site itself. Furthermore, you will want to choose a hoarding system that is durable and in adherence to environmental concerns while also opting for a system that is cost-effective. 

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HERAS Steelhoard temporary hoarding versus timber site hoarding

Site hoarding is necessary to create a safe working environment and to protect the public from building activities. While wooden hoarding has been around for centuries, newer hoarding types come with their own added benefits. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of HERAS Steelhoard temporary hoarding versus traditional timber hoarding systems. 

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HERAS Mobile Fencing and Security: Most asked questions in the UK

HERAS UK offers a wide selection of fencing and security products nationwide. As the market is quite diverse, customer question also vary across the HERAS products and services. We spoke with Ally Batt - HERAS NCC Controller, and asked her to answer a few of the most asked question in the UK. 

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