HERAS Mobile Fencing and Security: Most asked questions in the UK

HERAS UK offers a wide selection of fencing and security products nationwide. As the market is quite diverse, customer question also vary across the HERAS products and services. We spoke with Ally Batt - HERAS NCC Controller, and asked her to answer a few of the most asked question in the UK. 

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Does HERAS sell and hire fencing panels? 

Ally: “Yes, we both sell and hire panels. Hiring the panels is especially useful when customers do not have the capacity to store the panels. Once the job is done, we come in and collect the panels for them, so the customer does not have to worry about storage. For projects that run for a shorter time period, or when the site is considerably small, hiring panels from HERAS is the most cost effective solution.”

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Can you personalise the panels? 

Ally: “Absolutely. We have many personalisation options, for both our panels and our acoustic barriers. For instance, you change the colour of the product, so a lot of customers will pick their company colours. We also do banners, which like a netting that can be cable tied to the panels or the acoustic barriers. Customers can have their company name, slogan, or pictures printed onto them. Some of our account customers have their own name badges printed onto the panels”.

Does HERAS sell second-hand panels? 

Ally: “Yes, we do, but this really depends on the location, the time of year and the stock availability at the time of asking. The summer period is our busiest time of year where we have a lot if hire that goes out. As the second-hand panels that we sell come from our hire stock, we do not have enough in stock to sell in the summer. We can always put our customers on a waiting list for the hirestock, so that they will get a notification once the hire fences are available. Location wise; some of our locations are too small and just do not hold the stock. In some cases, customers will have to get their second-hand panels from a larger depot which is further away. These distances can reflect on transportation costs, so that is certainly something to take into account. ”

What is the lead time from the point of order?

Ally: “For our stock items, we normally have a delivery turnaround within 48 hours. Depending on the location, stock items will be with the customer within 1-3 working days after the order is placed. Customers can also drive up to our depots and collect the stock items themselves. They can do this on the same day that they place the order, so this could even be a quicker option. For our non-stock items, the delivery turnaround is longer. In these instances, the lead time can vary from 7 to 14 working days.” 

Health and safety regulations are big in the UK. Can you provide Temporary Works Designs and Wind Loading Calculations on your panels? 

Ally: “Yes, absolutely. Our staff is well trained and specialised in making these calculations. But we can only provide these calculations based on HERAS products. We get a lot of inquiries from customers who use products from our competitors and then we have to tell them that we cannot provide them with that information. Our competitors use different accessories for which we do not have the data, so we cannot provide calculations for these products. ” 

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On to some quick questions: what are the dimensions for your round top and square top panels? 

Ally: “These panels are 2 meters high and 3.5 meter in width. 

And what gauge is the mesh on your anti-climb fencing?

Ally: “That would be 41.5 millimetres.” 

How much do your standard black feet weigh? 

Ally: “18 kilograms”. 

Do you deliver your products on a Hi-Ab vehicle? 

Ally: “Certainly. This is basically an extra service that we provide. If the customer needs help or assistance with the offloading, we can provide that with our Hi-Ab vehicles. We’ll position the vehicle somewhere convenient, and then the cranes can be used to offload the fencing safely. We aslo run Flat-Bed Transit vehicles from each depot. These vehicles are particularly convenient on smaller jobs or when there is limited space on the site. 

Alright, thank you. We have one question left. Can HERAS arrange a Regional Sales Manager to come to the site to asses the requirements for the site enclosure? 

Ally: “Sure. We can provide advice and recommendations from A down to Z.  If needed, we can send a regional sales manager down to your site to asses the length of you fencing, to check out the ground, to attain what kind of stability measures are required, etc. We’ve got seven HERAS locations across the UK, and each region has its own regional sales.” 

Anything else you would like to add? 

Ally: “All-in-all we are set to provide the best service we can for our customers, and we are happy to help wherever we can. We understand that every building site is organised differently, so every building site requires different products and services. If you have any further questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us here.” 

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Posted by Ally Batt on 01 April 2020