At Heras Mobile, we think from our client’s perspective

The fence isn’t the first thing you notice when you visit a site. Nevertheless, such fencing often plays a very important role, for example with regard to safety or manageability. Heras Mobile in Best serves the construction and events market with its temporary fencing solutions.

Joep Coenen, Business Unit Manager at Heras Mobile: “The relationship with our clients is about trust. They focus – and rightfully so – on their core activities. An optimal experience and safety are an absolute requirement for an event. While our client is busy with the end result, we take care of the preconditions. It’s nice when you’re able to get all the big names for your cycling event and thousands of people come to it. But if there are no fences along the course and at crucial places, it will not be a success story. For Heras Mobile, it is precisely these preconditions that are our daily bread and butter. We do not deliver indiscriminately. Clients submit their plans to us and we look for the most suitable solutions together. This is different in every situation. One criterion is ‘kilometres of safety guaranteed’. At a festival, you want to keep a grip on the situation and stay friendly with local residents. There is a solution for every situation and if there is not yet one, we will find one. It’s great to be able to achieve these ambitions together. And… a deal’s a deal!”

Thinking in solutions

If both parties understand how it works and see the importance of each other’s input, you can work together in this way. In the beginning, a fencing solution is often seen as a locking device and in the industry, people often think in terms of ‘kilometres’. Joep Coenen: “If you have huge quantities of fencing in stock and can deliver this anywhere at any time, the temptation to think from a stock point of view is high. The art is to think from the client’s perspective. In solutions. Heras Mobile learns a lot about its clients and looks ahead. We know what they run into and what is important to them. At a festival or sporting event, safety or noise control is sometimes the most important starting point and sometimes it’s all about money. As a supplier, you understand that and you have a good feel for things. This makes Heras Mobile truly unique in the industry. We are involved in a project from the very first phase and thus always offer exactly what is needed. At the right time. In the beginning, it is taking stock of and learning about one another. In the end, you’re writing the same story together. Heras Mobile is part of the team. So you have a lot of pride in your work.”

Event organisation: dynamic and demanding

Organising an event involves a lot of work. Joep explains: “You’re dealing with artists or participants, the public and local residents, and a large group of employees and volunteers. At peak times, huge amounts of people come to your site in one go and the same stream of people go out in one go. All kinds of facilities are needed. Bicycle racks, cloakrooms, distribution counters for the catering industry, a First Aid station, and so on. The stage must be safe for artists and people in the front should not be endangered. You want to keep an overview and control and offer comfort and safety in an area where there are a lot of people who want to have fun. Noise control is also playing an increasing role here. And we offer the perfect, customised solution for all those plans, ideas, and wishes. That’s great, isn’t it? It’s a fabulous industry to work for. Dynamic and demanding. New things are constantly being invented to give people a good time and we always respond to them.”

Any variation is possible

Joep continues: “Our fencing solutions are coordinated with each other and can therefore be used flexibly for all kinds of purposes. Practically any variation is possible, in both height and length. Canvas and tarpaulins come in all kinds of sizes and colours and we often put texts on them providing directions, for example. We have distribution counters and kiss & ride solutions specifically for events. We also visit festivals and events ourselves, so we can continue to understand what is needed on such a day. And because we know how hectic things can get – despite all the preparations – we can deliver to any desired location 24/7.”

Construction sector-specific

You can also see (mobile) fences from Heras Mobile on construction sites. Although the construction and event industry are very different, there are many common interests and needs. Such as the need to demarcate the site and create an access point to preventing and limiting noise pollution for local residents, for example. “A contractor wants to complete the construction project within the set deadlines and budgets. We help organise the site.
Our robust fencing ensures the safety of staff and materials on the one hand and the safety of local residents on the other. Materials can easily and quickly enter and exit the site via sliding gates. None of those difficult swing gates that always take up too much space. On the construction site, you also want to work as long as possible, preferably without restrictions. Rules and regulations are quite strict. Especially with regard to noise pollution. If you reduce the noise level of generators and machines with sound-proofing materials, you can continue to work a lot longer. We take care of that.

Furthermore, fences are sometimes very temporary or sometimes as good as permanent. Sometimes they’re very visible, sometimes they’re practically invisible. Our range is geared to this: robust or less robust, a lot of bars or just a few bars, with or without tarpaulins, you name it. They all have one thing in common: everything is quick and easy to assemble. Time is money.”

Brainstorming with the client

Insight, flexibility, and an active attitude are essential in the industries in which Heras Mobile is active. Joep understands that like no other. “We want to be the best. I believe in that. Our team is made up of people who have the ambition to help clients move forward by brainstorming with them. That is the most important step you can take as an organisation and that gives us a head start over our competitors.”

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Posted by Joep Coenen on 31 July 2019
Business Unit Manager at Heras Mobile Fencing & Security