The installation process of Heras Steelhoard in 5 steps

Once you've ordered your Heras Steelhoard we will take care of underneath steps to get your site up and running in a fast, safe and consistent way.


Step 1: Site Survey

When we receive your request we will arrange for a site visit by one of our specialists to assess ground conditions and steepness of the terrain. A quote will follow once we have all of the information.


Step 2: Delivery

When we successfully receive the order the equipment is sent to site. It is worth noting that both in ground can be pre installed, spigots being placed before the main components are delivered. This is particularly useful in vulnerable areas where there is nowhere safe to store equipment before the Steelhoard is installed. Note: Generally a minimum of 2 days to install. Heras Steelhoard is supplied In Flatpack Form. At the bottom of this blog, we will explain the main advantages of a Flatpack.


Step 3. Installation

As you will notice our system is developed so we don’t need to use fixing screws or bolts in the sheets. The ends of the complete elevations are closed off with a vertical channel running between top and bottom channels creating a fully enclosed frame to the full elevation. This not only looks aesthetically smart but creates a safe edge covering the exposed part of the infill sheet whilst creating a secure end that prevents the most determined intruder from prising open.


Step 4: Additions

  • Pedestrian doors can be placed anywhere along an elevation and are captivated between the channels in the same way as the hoarding sheets are. Post centres can be varied if the desired door position falls where a normal 2.5m post centre falls. Steelhoard is the only system that can accommodate this.
  • Barbed wire extensions can be fixed to the support posts if desired.
  • You may decide to add adverts to the hoarding at a later date. This can be done by replacing the standard box profile sheets with flat plastic sheets. These can be pre screen printed before delivery or have self adhesive vinyl graphics fixed after installation of the plastic infill sheets.


Step 5: Disassembly and disposal

Dismantling is carried out in the reverse order to install and is very quick. Steelhoard posts are removed easily from the spigot tubes for re use unlike virtually all other systems where the posts are concreted in and have to be replaced every time the hoarding is re used. When the system has been dismantled it will be palletised for collection to make sure the components aren’t lost or damaged and ensure the equipment takes up minimal space on the collection vehicle, ensuring maximum efficiency.


Why Heras Steelhoard is supplied in flatpack form

  • Due to HSE manual lifting regulations supplying in component form allows heavier duty parts to be used. This means they are more durable offering far greater life expectancy. All Steelhoard components fall within HSE lifting guidelines.
  • Hoardings fabricated from smaller components allows site installation in windy conditions where installing panel systems would be forbidden and deemed too dangerous.
  • Supplying as a kit means components are flat packed for delivery and collection reducing transport costs and lowering the carbon footprint.
  • Supplying in kit form allows the elevations to be continuous with no posts and joints to disguise with infill panels which not only improves the finished appearance but improves installation time.
  • Flat packing lowers the storage area required for not only new equipment but materials returned from site waiting to be sent out on subsequent projects.
  • The system is much more cost effective to repair in the event of the components getting damaged. As an example individual sheets can be easily be replaced very cost effectively. 

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