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"Having been awarded the job of supply and erecting the fencing for Redrow Homes, we have not only been impressed with the quality of panels but the prompt service from Heras Mobile. They have been on site at 7:30 for all the deliveries and have placed the panels where requested."

Nick Larwood

Transport Manager at Billericay Fencing

In Suffolk Billericay Fencing is working on The Parklands project. Overall the entire scheme will deliver 2,500 houses, 2 primary schools, 2 local centres including shops, community facilities, apartments and a country park. The Great Wilsey Park is the latest in Redrow’s garden village development. It will make an essential contribution towards meeting the housing needs for the local area. Billericay Fencing won the contract for supplying and erecting the fencing for the project.

Billericay Fencing works together with Heras Mobile Fencing & Security for:
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Delivery in several phases

The development of the Great Wilsey Park is part of the wider scheme, which has been in the making for two decades. The wider plans have outline planning permission, while the first 499 homes have been given final approval. 

To realise their wooden fencing, the project needed to be protected with temporary mobile fences first. Therefore Billericay Fencing came to Heras Mobile. The first load of temporary fences was delivered in April 2019. Billericay Fencing was then able to start work on the first phase of the project: "We are delighted to receive the approval of the first housing reserved matters, and for work to commerce on-site."

Heras Mobile has continued delivering to the site throughout 2019/2020. Untill this moment we have delivered 1,350 Smartweld Round top panels in total. This is only the first phase. At Heras Mobile, we cannot wait to deliver the rest of the construction fences for the later phases. After all, this is a major project and we are proud to be able to contribute to it.  Nick Larwood is also looking forward to further cooperation: "We look forward to working with Heras Mobile throughout the duration of the job among the numerous other sites they service for us."

The scheme was granted outline planning permission in August 2018 and will have roundabouts created near the Fox pub and on Chalkstone Way to give road access. When complete the development would also include two new primary schools, a local centre including shops, community facilities and apartments and a country park.

Billericay Fencing Heras Mobile
Development of the Great Wilsey Park

Billericay Fencing uses fence panels for different phases of the project.

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