A touch of magic: Readyhoard panels coated to match the Harry Potter scenery

Warner Bros Studios round 104 px

"While undertaking a project for a high profile client, it became apparent that we needed a large amount of colour-specific hoarding with cover strips, supports and weights. As you can see from the photos, this certainly worked out!"


The Heras Mobile Readyhoard panels coated in RAL 1014 and related accessories were used to match the scenery, requested by WattsPM. The hoarding was used to help screen off a new section of the scenery that was currently being installed at the time of the purchase which was going to be a new attraction called the Weasley Burrows. 

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Customised fence panels 

WattsPM challenged us to create a custom solution. This meant that the colour of the hoarding had to match the colour of the building very closely and we believe we achieved this very well as you can see from the pictures below. 

Heras Readyhoard panels not only look very nice, but it is also a perfect solution for fencing off your (construction) site. Because passers-by cannot see through the panels, as with normal construction fences, work inside the site remains secret. This was the customer's wish and we are pleased to have been able to fulfil this expectation and need. 

WattsPM has over half a century of construction sector expertise. They help build more than buildings; they build strong, trusted collaborative relationships. They therefore partnered with Heras Mobile. WattsPM: "It was great to deal with such an efficient and flexible company while working to such a tight programme. Few companies are this efficient or reliable. I’d definitely use Heras Mobile again."

Warner Bros Heras Mobile
Warner Bros Heras Mobile
Warner Bros Heras Mobile
Shielding the site with a nice appearance

WattsPM uses customised Readyhoard panels to match the scenery.

If you need panels coated for a particular job, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Fast delivery

While undertaking the project, it became clear that the client needed the products on a short notice. WattsPM: "Heras Mobile were incredibly fast to react and very responsive on the phone and emails. They went the extra mile by agreeing to place the order before receiving a PO, as well as sending out an additional spanner for no extra cost. All materials were received in good time and well packaged."


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