The Steelhoard panels remain beautiful and intact for multiple projects

Dig-FX Heras Mobile

"We had previously used Heras Mobile Fencing & Security products and have always found the staff and products excellent. The Steelhoard system certainly did not disappoint."

Keith Phillips

Director at Dig-FX

For a recent project, Dig-FX, a company that deals in remediation activities, chose Steelhoard to create a closed-off facade on site. The 165m of Steelhoard replaced some very worn out timber hoarding. Heras Mobile sent one of their install teams along for a few hours to give some guidance, as this is the first time they have used our system.

Dig-FX works together with Heras Mobile Fencing & Security for:
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Easy to install and highly durable 

The flexible component system ensures the hoarding facade is easy to install, and the high-quality steel components provide a durable and better long-term alternative to wooden hoarding. Phillips: "What we like best about the Steelhoard system is that it is quick to assemble and erect, easily transferable on-site, and re-usable for future projects. All with minimal waste or loss of the product."



A bonus: the fence panels are pristinely coated in the company colours of Dig-FX, which immediately provides a colourful finish to the site. For local residents and passers-by, this is a beautiful sight and at the same time they do not experience any inconvenience from the progress of the project.

Dig-FX Heras Mobile
Dig-FX Heras Mobile
Dig-FX Heras Mobile
Dig-FX Heras Mobile
Nice looking project with the Steelhoard system

Dig-FX chose Steelhoard to create a pristine-looking closed-off facade for their remediation activities.

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Smooth collaboration and outstanding workmanship

The collaboration between Heras Mobile and Dig-FX proved to be a successful one. Constant open and transparent communication while planning the equipment supply guaranteed Dig-FX could install the hoarding system without issues and within the time frame demanded by the customer. Besides, as Phillips puts it, "technical advice was always readily available, and the team that came to the site to provide us with set-up support were first class."

The workmanship of the Dig-FX team that installed the flexible hoarding system was impressive and thus ensured that the panels really come into their own. Both parties look forward to working together again on the next project.

Semi permanent fence Heras Mobile

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