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PJ Carey round

"We were very happy that Heras Mobile delivered the fence panels coated in our yellow colour. In this way the project has a neat and recognisable appearance."

PJ Carey

In Aylesford the car park of the Sainsbury Supermarket needed renovation as a sinkhole appeared that needed to be repaired. And besides that the Tarmac needed to be renewed over 30,000 square meters. It all had to happen in 12 weeks, as the supermarket was still trading, works had to be completed on time and to a high standard. This project was finished correctly and in time by PJ Carey. In order to work safely and make optimum use of the available space, cooperation was set up with Heras Mobile.

PJ Carey works together with Heras Mobile Fencing & Security for:
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Customised fence panels 

PJ Carey challenged us to create a custom solution. We enjoyed brainstorming with them.

We offer a wide range of temporary fencing to suit all budgets and specifications. In this way, we were also able to fulfil the wishes of PJ Carey. In the end, we came up with the perfect solution for PJ Carey: yellow construction fences. As yellow is the company colour of PJ Carey, Heras Mobile delivered the fence panels coated in their yellow colour. In this way the project has a neat and recognisable appearance. The extra coating also extends the lifespan of the fences. 

Over the past 30 years PJ Carey has completed many works across the Sainsburys portfolio, which includes more than 1,400 throughout the UK. For temporary security on short-term projects, PJ Carey makes a careful choise: "For the renovation project of the car park, Heras Mobile did stand out in terms of reliability, quality and equipment."

PJ Carey Heras Mobile
PJ Carey Heras Mobile
PJ Carey Heras Mobile
Renovation car park Sainsbury Supermarket

PJ Carey uses customised fence panels in their own company colours.

The Heras Anti-Climb Panels are available in other colours. Looking for more information about the possibilities?

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Safety around the construction site

Traject demarcations increase the safety on and around the construction site. Many project member provide a safe working environment around building and busy roads with strong, highly visible traffic barriers. PJ Carey also uses traffic demarcation. Great advantage for PJ Carey is the easy construction of the interblocks and the fact that they are very robust. This barrier can be used with our panels and comes in red and white. 

Semi permanent fence Heras Mobile

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