The top Heras branded products for enhanced security

In an era where security plays a major role, including in public spaces such as construction sites, it is of utmost importance to invest in robust security solutions. Among the many companies offering temporary security solutions, Heras Mobile stands out as a trusted brand known for its reliable products. From temporary fences and pedestrian barriers to access gates and accessories, Heras Mobile offers a comprehensive range of products designed to enhance security in different environments. Let’s take a look at some of the Heras Mobile’s top products that play a role in boosting security measures. 


Heras temporary fences: for hire and sale

Heras Mobile’s temporary fences are indispensable assets for securing construction sites, event venues and various other temporary sites. Heras Mobile is widely recognised for its high-quality temporary fencing, which serve as the first line of defence is securing temporary perimeters. Whether it’s a construction site, industrial facility or public event, our temporary fencing provides a sturdy barrier to prevent unauthorised access and deter potential intruders. These temporary fences are available in various types, including Anti-Climb Round Top panels, Anti-Climb panels, Readyhoard and Steelhoard. In this way, we can offer flexibility to suit different security requirements. Our temporary fences can be bought and hired. So whether your project is short or long, there is always a suitable solution.


Pedestrian barriers for increased safety during events

Pedestrian barriers play a crucial role in enhancing safety during events by effectively managing crowd flow and ensuring controlled access to designated areas. These barriers create clear pathways for pedestrians, preventing overcrowding and reducing the risk of accidents or stampedes. By strategically placing pedestrian barriers at entry points, along walkways, and around sensitive areas, event organisers can maintain order, thus minimising the potential for conflicts or security breaches. 

Moreover, pedestrian barriers serve as a visible deterrent, signalling to attendees the boundaries they should adhere to while also providing a sense of security and reassurance. Overall, integrating pedestrian barriers into event planning contributes significantly to creating a safer and more organised environment for both participants and staff alike.



Access gates for people and vehicles

Access gates at construction sites are essential components of security. These gates serve as controlled entry and exit points, allowing authorised personnel and visitors to enter the site while restricting access to unauthorised individuals. These access gates provide a physical barrier that enhances security by preventing trespassing. Our access gates not only control access but also contribute to safety protocols by regulating the flow of vehicles and persons, reducing the risk of accidents. 

Our pedestrian gates contribute significantly to the overall success of events. With our Walk Through Pedestrian Barriers, you create a safe opening in your long runs of pedestrian barriers. These gates make it immediately clear where people can cross safely. 


Indispensable traffic barriers during roadworks

Traffic barriers play a crucial role in ensuring safety and regulating traffic flow during roadworks. These barriers create a physical separation between construction zones and the regular flow of traffic, minimising the risk of accidents and ensuring the safety of both workers and motorists. By redirecting vehicles away from hazardous areas and guiding them through designated routes, traffic barriers help maintain order and prevent congestion. 

Additionally, traffic barriers can be configured in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different road layouts and construction requirements, providing flexibility and adaptability to meet the specific needs of each worksite. Overall, traffic barriers contribute to the smooth operation of construction projects and ensuring the well-being of road users. 


Accessories to complete your fencing

Our solutions are complemented by a range of accessories designed to enhance functionality, efficiency and adaptability in various temporary security applications. These accessories include footings, which ensure stability and secure positioning of temporary fencing. Moreover, our couplers enable you to connect the temporary fences easily. Reflective strips further enhance visibility and safety, alerting pedestrians and vehicles to the presence of temporary fences in low-light conditions or high-traffic areas. Additionally, accessories such as wheels and gate hinges facilitate smooth operation and secure closure of access points, boosting the overall security. With these versatile accessories, Heras Mobile offers comprehensive and adaptable temporary security solutions for event venues, construction sites and other sites.


Our products on your temporary site

In conclusion, Heras Mobile has established itself as a leading provider of temporary perimeter solutions, offering a diverse portfolio of products designed to meet the evolving needs of modern security challenges. Whether it is securing temporary sites or controlling access points, the Heras branded products are synonymous with reliability and innovation. We have the right solution for every type of project. Would you like to know more? We are happy to look at it with you. Ask for a no-obligation consultation:

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