A sliding fence gate ensures efficient design of your access road

Drivers despondently looking for the entrance, delays at the entrance, distractions for the construction staff due to difficulty operating the entrance, searching for escape routes, etc. These are all inconveniences that arise when your access road is not efficiently designed. A sliding fence gate offers a solution. This gate prevents many frustrations while being easy and quick to arrange and install. In this blog post, we give the sliding fence gate the attention it deserves. In addition, we teach you how to use a sliding mobile gate to achieve convenience and save time.


Smooth progress of your construction project

You want all the activities on and around your construction site to run smoothly. Distractions for your staff must be kept at a minimum and construction traffic must be able to enter and leave the site without any hassle, even in an emergency. This core value is what the Heras Mobile sliding fence gate is all about. The sliding gate makes an important contribution to the undisturbed progress of the construction project, thus preventing frustration. Fast and efficient work is the key.


What is a sliding mobile gate?

A sliding fence gate is a flexible gate that has wheels at the bottom. The sliding gate wheel cannot be punctured, can be used on any type of surface, and always moves smoothly, regardless of the degree and duration of use. The sliding fence gate has no turning radius and is equipped with a smooth-running guided mechanism. It is a robust gate, made of galvanised steel, and allows up to seven metres of passage width. All possible at dimensions of just 3.5 m x 2 m (width x height). It is a practical, safe, and clearly recognisable gate. The sliding mobile gate is easy for anyone to install between any temporary or semi-permanent fencing.


8 reasons to use a sliding fence gate

1. Ease of use 

First and foremost, a sliding fence gate is easy to operate (both opening and closing), which means that it causes little or no distraction for construction staff.


2. Full passage width

It enables full passage width for all traffic. The sliding fence gate can create an opening of up to seven metres, guaranteeing that any vehicle can enter and exit the site without any problems.


3. Space-saving

The sliding gate has no turning circle and therefore saves space. This allows you to provide quick and safe access without getting in the way of anything or anyone. This makes it a popular product on various construction sites, as well as a good solution for sites with limited space.


4. No nuisance

The sliding gate does not move cumbersomely because of the sliding mechanism, which means that people, vehicles, or other obstacles are bit hindered. You do not have to take into account a minimum distance before approaching the gate, which directly minimises coordinating actions.


5. Recognisable entrance and emergency exit

The sliding fence gate provides a practical, safe, and recognisable entryway to your site. By means of optional indications, you provide extra recognition of the entryway. This means that it can be recognised as an access road and an emergency exit. The sliding gate always opens quickly and smoothly and offers full passage.


6. Suitable for any temporary fence

The great advantage of the sliding mobile gate is that it always fits. Whichever temporary fence you choose, it is easy to install and operate.


7. Quick and easy assembly

The sliding fence gate is easy to install. Within one minute, you will know exactly how the gate can be installed and assembled using simple steps. Whether it is between temporary or semi-permanent fencing, you can quickly and professionally install this sliding gate by yourself.


8. Safe closure

By using professional fencing, you are already consciously contributing to the safety of your construction site. You can choose to additionally secure the construction site with accessories. This prevents unauthorised access to your site, keeping your staff and materials safe.


Hire or buy a sliding fence gate

You can choose to buy or hire the sliding fence gate. Both forms have their specific advantages. The purchase of a sliding fence gate, for example, is advantageous because it is cheaper in case of long-term use. Upon purchase, the gate becomes a part of the corporate assets and it can be used for many projects. In addition, hiring a sliding fence gate offers you flexibility because you only hire the gate for the required period. The gate can be delivered quickly because we can always deliver from stock. We can also install it if desired. You control your costs because the gate does not need to be stored, there is no depreciation, and no maintenance is required. It offers you the highest quality and safest materials in a flexible form.

With the Heras Mobile sliding fence gate, you can create an entrance to your construction site for suppliers and employees in no time at all. The Heras Mobile sliding mobile gate closes your construction site off securely and safely. 

Are you looking for an affordable and fast solution for accessing your site? We would love to prove it! Our highly interested, decisive consultants are there to help you. 

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