What is fencing?

Fencing is a collective word for permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary fencing. Fencing is used for a variety of purposes: it can be used at and around building sites, for safety and security, bicycle storage space, to store leaves and trimmings waste, and to guide people to the right place at events. For example, festivals, concerts, or sports events.

Fencing: available options

There are even more fencing options. It can be used to protect trees, securely store equipment, as an emergency service entrance, and to safeguard a stage for both the public and artists. 

Fencing can be used for different purposes, but can also differ in functionality. For example, there is fencing with fire-resistant tarpaulins, fencing with sound dampening tarpaulins, and fencing with tarpaulins to protect against snoopers and unauthorised intruders. Most fencing is primarily made of aluminium and/or galvanised steel.