Bull Barrier End Piece

For a neat finish to the Bull Barrier line

Bull Barrier End Piece
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Bull Barrier End Piece-2
Bull Barrier End Piece-3

A clear and safe ending to the Bull Barrier line

The Bull Barrier End Piece is designed to create a clear, safe and neat ending to the Bull Barrier line. The red and white colour options add to the already highly visible alternating colours of the Bull Barriers. This continuous design enables you to create a constant reflective and highly visible barrier system. Visibility on these end pieces is imperative as they provide awareness of the hazardous area, alerting anyone who may come into contact with the area, giving them time to avoid the area in question.

  • Available in red and white
  • Efficient storage method

Suitable for multiple locations

By fitting the Bull Barriers with the end sections, it not only creates a neat finish but also, due to the chamfered edge, makes the barrier safer in the event of an impact by minimising damage. This allows you to use the end pieces for different places such as construction sites, events and roadworks.

Easy installation and storage

The Bull Barrier End Pieces are available in red and white so they can be positioned on either one or both ends of the Bull Barrier line. As the ends are designed to blend in with the barrier line, they are just as heavy. This means that you have to transport them with care, needing two or more people to lift them. Regarding storage, the end pieces can be stacked on top of each other to ensure a safe and efficient storage method. This will reduce the amount of storage space you will need to house the Bull Barrier End Pieces.

  • Art.: D0326
  • Height: 405 mm
  • Width: 1140 mm
  • Depth: 516 mm
  • Package quantity: 1
  • Weight: 21.4 kg
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Bull Barrier End Piece

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Bull Barrier End Piece

For a neat finish to the Bull Barrier line