Simple and money-saving: 7 forgotten fencing accessories

“How do extra fencing parts save me money?” That is a fair question. To isolate the construction site, you have probably placed fencing around the site. For extra stability, you may already make use of blocks and braces. But do you already know the following eight accessories? They each have a money-saving feature. Read here why.

1. Mobile fence frame for vertical transport

When it comes to transporting fences, horizontal transport is what often comes to mind. However, a fence will last longer if it is transported vertically. If you want to lose fewer fences, the mobile fence frame for vertical transport offers a solution.

2. Coupler

The coupler connects the mobile fences and can only be (dis)assembled with a special, registered key. This way, you can check who enters the site. The operator checks the issue of the special keu and does not have to check the entire site for open fences every day.


3. Wheel

With a wheel a gate can be made from two mobile fences. Applying the same system to 2 fence pieces creates a simple, 7 m-wide double swing gate, which is sufficient for freight traffic to enter and exit your construction site.


4. Mobile fence lock

A major drawback of a chain lock is that two fences (which are used as a gate during the day) can be pulled apart. Thieves and vandals can then easily find their way inside. The lock bracket ensures that the fences are also actually closed outside of working hours. The fences remain flush against each other and the lock is vandal-proof. In addition, the mobile fence lock can be applied everywhere.


5. Soil pin

If the soil type permits and the circumstances do not require additional measures, a ground anchor ensures good base stability. The ground anchor is intended to replace a traditional block.

6. Strut tube

In high winds, the strut tube offers a stable solution. The strut tube is always used in combination with blocks as a foundation, thus forming a sturdy construction. Advice: Place a strut tube for every 3 fences. For each fence, place a strut tube when something is suspended from the fence (such as a foil sheet or advertising banner).


7. Stormguard tube

Perfect for sites that are susceptible to high winds. The Stormguard stabilising system is used with feet or blocks to help the overall stabilisation. This way, the stability of your fences is increased. 


8. Anti-lift security

With anti-lift security, a hook combined with a clamp ensures that the fence cannot be lifted out of the block. This not only increases security, but also provides extra stability.

In short, the above 'forgotten' accessories ensure a longer service life of the fencing, guarantee stability and/or ward off theft and vandalism. If these aren't money savings features! Would you like to get more information about these accessories? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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