HERAS Steelhoard: the most cost-effective solution for your site hoarding

There are many things to take into consideration when choosing a hoarding system for your building site. Apart from choosing a site hoarding that provides optimal security for the site and protects the public from site activities, you will want to choose a hoarding system that is cost-effective. In this blog we will discuss why the HERAS Steelhoard semi-permanent hoarding system is the most cost-effective solution for your site hoarding. 

A re-usable hoarding system: cost-effective and durable

The HERAS Steelhoard hoarding system is designed to last up to 25 years. The flexible, composite design of the system and the durable surface treatment of the heavy duty components ensure maximum longevity. As the hoarding system is supplied in kit form, the heavy duty components can be safely installed and are able to withstand the rigours of site use. In contrast to any other solid hoarding system, the Steelhoard panel system can be re-used 10 times on average when installed, dismantled and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines. Because of its long lifespan and incredible durability the HERAS Steelhoard temporary hoarding system is massively cost-effective. Once the hoarding system has been purchased, only installation-, labour- and consumable costs add to the total expenses of your site hoarding. 

Heras steelhoard Semi-Permanent_onderdelen

Reduce damage costs with a composite hoarding system 

The HERAS Steelhoard system consists  of a unique set of components. Consequently, potential damages are confined to individual components which can easily be replaced. The composite design of the temporary hoarding allows for cost-effective damage repairs, without having to write off complete sets of panels. Additionally, because the Steelhoard system is made up out of components, each individual component is comparatively lighter and easy to lift, which lowers the chance of handling damages in the first place. Lastly, the composite hoarding system is designed to fit together so well, the hoarding panels can be clamped securely between a top and a bottom rails, which negates the need to drill or screw. This in turn reduces the need for power tools and equipment and increases the overall productivity on site.

Go to the website for more information on the exact product specifications.

Lower your transportation and storage cost with a flat pack system 

HERAS Steelhoard is designed as a composite hoarding and can therefore be supplied and stored as a flat pack system. This massively lowers transportation and storage costs opposed to other (non-flat packed) hoarding systems.

In addition, HERAS Steelhoard employ local operatives for the installation of the hoarding system, which lowers the costs for the operatives’ travelling distance. 

Because of its durability, multi-reusability, and composite design HERAS Steelhoard temporary hoarding system is the most cost-effective hoarding system available on the market today. 

For more information on the HERAS Steelhoard temporary hoarding system please download our product brochure or contact us here. Not convinced yet? Read our blog “10 reasons to use Steelhoard for your site hoarding”.

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Posted by Adrian Day on 13 April 2020