Stormguard Zero-trip Front Section

Make your Readyhoard the most safe and stable

Stormguard Zero-trip Front Section
Stormguard Zero-trip Front Section-1
Stormguard Zero-trip Front Section-2

Make your Readyhoard the most safe and stable

Heras Stormguard is perfect for sites that are susceptible to high winds, such as open spaces, cliff tops and sea walls as it provides extra wind resistance. The Stormguard system has been tested with both mesh and hoarding systems, and can withstand up to 100mph winds with mesh and up to 70mph winds on hoarding. This unique strut system is used with feet or blocks that help the overall stabilisation. The Stormguard Strut Stabiliser goes directly from the panel to the tray.

  • Freestanding stabilisation system
  • Wind resistance up to 100mph
  • Meets BS5975 requirements

What is Heras Stormguard?

The stabilizing system has been developed with wind loading in mind using a unique combination of feet /blocks, trays and backstays. Simultaneously increase the stability of your fence while making sure your fences cannot be lifted up by connecting your fences to the base using a strut system. Especially when using solid panels, like our Heras Readyhoard screening fences, the Stormguard system can play an essential role in securing your panels in high wind areas and increasing safety on your site.

Why use Heras Stormguard?

When not equipped with stabilizing equipment, temporary fence panels are an easy victim of high winds. When strong winds blow over one of your fence panels, it’s likely the rest will follow. Falling fence panels cause a serious threat to the safety of your personnel and members of the public. Not only can people be hit by a falling panel, but the fallen fences can form an obstacle that can increase the chance of accidents happening. Please contact us and our wind loading specialist will analyze your specific situation, conduct all the necessary calculations and provide you with comprehensive advice on the fencing solution that suits your project in the best and safest way possible.

  • Art.: D0311
  • Depth: 150 mm
  • Package quantity: 1
  • Weight: 1.8 kg
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Stormguard Zero-trip Front Section

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Stormguard Zero-trip Front Section

Make your Readyhoard the most safe and stable