Durabase, a game-changing product

Designed to address all your fencing challenges in one comprehensive solution.

Here's why Durabase is a must-have for your fencing needs:

  • Anti-Trip Solution: Eliminate trip hazards along the fence line with Durabase's innovative anti-trip feature, ensuring a safer environment for everyone. 
  • Anti-Lift Bracket: Prevent unauthorized removal of fence panels with our sturdy anti-lift bracket, enhancing the security of your property. 
  • Stability Support Bracket: Keep your Durablocks securely in place with our stability support bracket, providing unmatched stability and durability for your fence structure. 
  • Art.: D0327
  • Height: 660 mm
  • Width: 280 mm
  • Depth: 820 mm
  • Package quantity: 1
  • Weight: 6.5 kg
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A game-changing product