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Airport safety must be guaranteed 24/7. This requires the relevant flexibility of partners, such as Heras Mobile Fencing & Security. Is there damaged fencing on the runway? Or a defective gate that is causing danger? Then the appropriate action is a must. Also, passengers and air traffic must be caused as little disruption as possible. "Solution-based thinking, good service and a fast reaction are what our customer wants", claims Lauren Groves, Supply Chain Coordinator at Heras Mobile.


Like no other. That’s how Stevie Groom, Operations Manager, describes airport work. "It must be 100% safe at all times. You can’t expect air traffic to be held up while we get ourselves organised."

Heras Mobile has been supplying temporary fencing to airports for years. Besides regular activities such as repairs and large maintenance projects we have also demonstrated our knowledge in providing airport security. "Our many years of experience at domestic airports help to explain why we have such unparalleled knowledge of all that’s involved", says Groom.


Temporary measures

The assembly team is much in demand in this dynamic environment. "To give you an example: when existing fencing is replaced we start by installing temporary fencing. Our fitters at Heras Permanent can then set to work without being disturbed. In this way we ensure that an airfield is well-protected at all times", explains Groom. It is crucial to react quickly where airports are concerned. Is a gate extension now complete, but the fencing still ongoing? "Then we will provide the appropriate temporary measures, allowing the gates to be used as soon as possible."


Single point of contact 

There are many aspects that must be considered when work is underway. For example: an airport must always remain accessible in the event of an emergency, even if we are working there. That’s why it’s important for us to think carefully about where we create temporary passageways and where to place the fences. Everything must go right and all in one go, because the amount of time available is often limited. Emergency repairs, inspections, regular maintenance, replacement activities; Heras Mobile works closely with Heras Service for maintenance matters and with Heras Permanent for permanent fencing and gates. This means that the client benefits from a single point of contact.


Sharing knowledge

The fact that work involves high security means that more is involved than simply placing temporary fencing with a clamp and a base, confirms Groves. "From our experience we know exactly what the risks are and what needs to be considered. We can therefore come with the right solution for every situation." Wherever necessary Heras also gets involved early on, to give advice and help think about the relevant security solutions. "It is really handy when there is someone around the table who knows exactly what an airfield requires in terms of fencing or gates. And what the best options are. All this makes us a truly valuable airport partner", claims Groves.


Contributing to safety 

What makes Heras a reliable partner? "We are flexible, can act quickly and take away all the worry. It is often the case that things must be done very rapidly. For example, a repair or emergency measure. No problem. Leave it to us! We will also give advice on the choice of materials for new fencing or gates. All it takes is a nod from the client and we will come with suggestions to improve safety at the airport. In fact, I would even say that we can think of a solution to every challenge", claims Groom.

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