Traffic management equipment: the strongest solution for your building site

When building in a high-traffic zone, you are obliged to install proper traffic management equipment to decrease the chance of incidents occurring. Especially around airport terminals, buildings and roads where passengers need to follow designated pathways, highly visible and strong pedestrian guard guides are essential. How do you choose the safest and strongest traffic management equipment for your building site?

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Selecting traffic management installations — what to take into account

To protect members of the public as well as your employees when building in a busy traffic zone, the installation of high-quality traffic management equipment — which has been thoroughly tested — is crucial.

However, not every traffic management installation is as safe as it should be. Below, I specify some critical requirements to take into account when choosing your traffic management products:

  • Effectively increasing pedestrian safety

The most important goal of traffic management products is to protect pedestrians in busy traffic zones and decrease the chance of incidents happening. This means that in case a vehicle drives into one of your traffic demarcation products, passers-by should be protected from any harm done.

High-quality traffic management products have been tested thoroughly to be able to guarantee safety. When an installation has withstood a crash test you know this installation will keep pedestrians around your building site safe in case of an accident.

  • High-visibility

Traffic management installations should be highly visible from a distance. Bright colours like red, white and yellow help to attract the attention of drivers even when there’s a limited amount of light.

  • Anti-climb fencing

In busy traffic zones, you want to guide pedestrians safely along a designated pathway so they do not come in contact with any vehicles. However, standard construction site fencing with wide spacing mesh can be easily climbed on, which can result in dangerous situations. Make sure to choose for an anti-climb fence for your installation to secure pedestrian safety.

  • Wind resistant

Imagine what could happen if your traffic management fencing would fall over and land on a busy road. The consequences would be enormous. Make sure to accompany your fences with sturdy and robust base units so they are wind resistant.

  • Simple assembly

Besides protecting members of the public, traffic management equipment should be easy to assemble so your employees can increase safety around your building site in a matter of minutes.

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M.A.S.S.: the strongest solution for your building site

As a constructor, you are looking for a comprehensive traffic management solution which helps you increase safety around your building site and reduce the chance of accidents happening.

The Heras Multi Applicational Safety System (M.A.S.S.) is designed to provide constructors with an all-in-one solution for the traffic management challenges around their building site. M.A.S.S. consists of a strong base unit made of galvanized steel elements powder coated in highly visible safety colours. Because of these bright colours, the base unit is highly visible for vehicles from afar.

The M.A.S.S. top sections can be added onto the base units as specific jobs might demand, for instance to guide pedestrians safely around your building site. These strong, anti-climb fences help you to create safe pathways for pedestrians while the base units make sure your fences will stay in place, even when high winds create a possible risk.

Another advantage? The M.A.S.S. equipment is extremely quick and easy to assemble due to its unique plug-in section. Maximum safety is achieved together with a minimum of traffic-flow disruption during the assembly period. Assembly, dismantling and repositioning requires minimal time.

How M.A.S.S. traffic management can help you increase safety

A high-quality traffic management installation helps you to safely guide pedestrians around your site and create a safe work environment for your employees.

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution which helps you increase safety but also enables efficient installation? Then M.A.S.S. is the right solution for you. Learn more about M.A.S.S. — its advantages, specifications, and applications — in our product brochure. 


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Posted by Adrian Day on 06 August 2018