How to manage logistics on your building site

The logistical movement of freight traffic is a daily occurrence on building sites. Using access control for freight traffic helps to ensure optimal efficiency. An obvious and separate entrance and exit for freight traffic helps make it clear which suppliers and goods are present on the building site, and provides an insight into and overview of the history, so you know what transport movements you can expect. A controlled entrance and exit also keeps unauthorised persons off the building site.


Setting up a vehicle entrance and exit

The surroundings are an important factor that need to be taken into account when designing the building site. Is there a through road? Does the entrance or exit affect traffic safety? 

When designing an entrance and exit, the available space also needs to be taken into account. Do you not have this space available on your building site? Then a sliding fence gate is a more sensible choice.

In urban areas, it’s better for the flow of traffic if the entrance and exit are kept separate, sometimes also with a parking area. We advise always keeping the workers’ car park off the building site wherever possible.


Solutions for organising traffic flow

The way you organise traffic flow for your site depends on the type of access you want to have. The most accessible solution for controlling traffic is a vehicle gate or sliding fence. Depending on your budget, you can ensure these types of access open automatically when necessary.

As well as freight traffic, building sites often have to contend with unauthorised persons entering the building site with their vehicle or wanting to park there. That's why – particularly in urban areas  – traffic control systems are increasingly being used alongside access control.


How do you organise freight traffic on the building site?

Heras Mobile Fencing & Security helps building contractors organise access and access control measures to achieve an optimal flow of traffic. We take your building site design and surroundings into account to find the best solution for you.

Want to find out what options you have for organising traffic on and around your building site successfully? Download our product brochure or contact our advisers (0800 073 9987).

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