The 4 options when choosing Heras Steelhoard

When you choose the Heras Steelhoard solution we provide extra options for your hoarding. It’s always possible to add them once the project/contract is running. The 4 basic options we offer are:

AdvertisementSteelhoard above ground with adverts

Clients who want to use the hoarding fascia for advertising can be accommodated by installing flat plastic insert sheets (instead of the standard steel box profile sheets) and these can be either screen printed before delivery to site or have vinyl fitted after installation.


Heras hoarding panels and gates Security

For added security, the system can be fitted with barbed wire extensions, lockable pedestrian doors, and sheeted double leaf gates.



Your business colorsHeras steel hoarding

The box profile sheets of Heras Steelhoard can be detailed to corporate requirements in any RAL or BS colour. Steelhoard is a closed system, therefore we only need to colour the sheets. Periodic power washing restores hoarding to its original condition on long contracts or where it is exposed to surface contamination. In this way, your hoarding line will always be the representative business card of your company.



Heras steelhoard Dismantle

At the end of the contract, Steelhoard is rapid to dismantle and remove from site negating the need for skips for sending timber or other hoarding systems to landfill at the end of a contract. Heras offers a full cycle service which includes delivery, installation, dismantling and removal, with maintenance and storage between projects available.

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Posted by Adrian Couzens on 27 April 2021