10 reasons to choose Steelhoard for your site hoarding

There are many things to take into consideration when choosing a hoarding system for your building site. You will want to observe all legal requirements and regulations to guarantee the safety of your workers and the public, as well as ensure the security of the building site itself. Furthermore, you will want to choose a hoarding system that is durable and in adherence to environmental concerns while also opting for a system that is cost-effective. Considering this, we have listed 10 reasons to choose Heras Steelhoard for your site hoarding. 


Reason 1: Durability

The Heras Steelhoard hoarding system is designed to last up to 25 years. The flexible, composite design of the system and the durable surface treatment of the heavy duty components ensure maximum longevity. As the hoarding system is supplied in kit form, the heavy duty components can be safely installed and are able to withstand the rigours of site use. In contrast to other solid hoarding systems, the Steelhoard panel system can be re-used 10 times on average when installed, dismantled and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines. 


Reason 2: Cost-effectiveness 

Because of its long lifespan, the Heras Steelhoard temporary hoarding system is massively cost-effective. Once the hoarding system has been purchased, the system can be re-used  10 times on average, with only installation, labour and consumable costs adding to the total of expenses. Moreover, as the Heras Steelhoard system is compiled of a unique set of components, potential damages are confined to individual components. These components can easily be replaced, without having to write off the entire hoarding system. Furthermore, Heras Steelhoard is designed to be supplied and stored as a flat pack system. This massively lowers transportation and storage costs opposed to other (non-flat packed) hoarding systems.


Reason 3: Sustainability 

Because of its long lifespan and re-usability, Heras Steelhoard temporary hoarding system is the world’s most sustainable hoarding system, with the lowest carbon footprint of any solid hoarding system available. Moreover, Heras Steelhoard is delivered in flat pack system and can thus be transported efficiently, lowering its carbon-footprint even more. On top of that, all components of the system are a 100% recyclable and can be re-processed at the end of the system’s life cycle. In addition, HERAS Steelhoard employs local operatives for the installation of the hoarding system, decreasing the carbon footprint even further in terms of the operatives’ travelling distance, as well as lowering traveling costs. 


Reason 4: Site security 

The 2.4m high fascia of the Heras Steelhoard system is uninterrupted, and its posts and fittings are concealed on the inner side of the enclosure to increase security. Because of the flexible design of the hoarding system, site security can easily be enhanced by changing the height of the posts, or adding barbed wire - or mesh extensions. In vulnerable locations post spigots can be pre-installed before the hoarding is delivered to the site, reducing the risk of theft. 

Download our product brochure for more information on the exact product specifications.

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Reason 5: Occupational health and safety 

The Heras Steelhoard hoarding system is designed to be in small components and is supplied in kit form. This allows the heavy duty components to be safely installed and dismantled in compliance with lifting regulations. All Steelhoard installations are carried out by fully qualified, directly employed operatives. The operatives carry an accredited identity card, are CAT trained and kitted with full anti flash PPE in the unlikely event of a cable strike.


Reason 6: Public safety 

As with any solid hoarding system, Heras Steelhoard protects the public from the by-products from the construction process. However, in addition to this, Heras Steelhoards’ rigorous testing sets new levels of safety and surpasses the requirements of TWf1220-02 and BS5975:2008+A1:2011. These specifications are hugely important as every site should have a site specific calculation done for a perimeter fence where the public may be close and therefore vulnerable. Heras Steelhoard’s testing covers any site on mainland UK up to the most of Scotland.


Reason 7: Safety - specifically Windloading. 

HERAS Steelhoard temporary hoarding system uses a generic windloading calculation for in-ground and on-ground installations to ensure that the hoarding system complies with the recommended wind speeds anywhere in the UK (apart from the very north of Scotland). The flexibility of the Heras Steelhoard design ensures adjustments can easily be made to comply with changing windloading requirements due to climate change. 


Reason 8: Professional efficiency 

Heras Steelhoard uses pre-coated panels, so there is no need for additional painting activities once the hoarding system is installed. Furthermore, the panels need no intermediate paint jobs to make them look pristine. Periodic power washing restores the hoarding to its original condition on long contracts or where it is exposed to surface contamination. 


Reason 9: Corporate image 

The Heras Steelhoard hoarding system offers a continuous seamless fascia, free from joints and uninterrupted by posts. It provides a clean, uninterrupted surface ideal for the installation of flat advertising media. The box profile sheets can be detailed to corporate requirements in any RAL or BS colour. Furthermore, Heras Steelhoard has recently developed flat surfaced plastic panel sheets compatible with the Steelhoard panel system. The plastic sheets can be screen-printed in detail with beautiful (corporate) graphics, and are easily re-printed for repurposing. Because of its flexible design, Heras Steelhoard hoarding system allows you to combine and (inter)change steel sheets and plastic sheets, depending on your corporate needs and requirements.


Reason 10: All in one service for site to site installation and storage

Heras Steelhoard offers a general site to site service with a storage and maintenance facility available for their clients’ hoarding inventory between projects, nation wide. This service includes an initial survey and report, delivery and installation to the client's requirements. At the end of a project, the hoarding fence is dismantled and removed from the site. The equipment is then cleaned, sorted and stored on one of our 7 locations ready for call off. All installers are directly employed by Heras and fully trained to the highest industry accreditation. 

For more information on the Heras Steelhoard temporary hoarding system please download our product brochure or contact us.

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