Setting up Coronavirus testing lanes

The logistics process at coronavirus test lanes is very important in terms of privacy and preventing infections. Heras is happy to help you find suitable solutions.

Setting up Coronavirus testing lanes
- Stef Manders
from Loveland

In September 2020, we at Heras Mobile Fencing & Security were approached by Loveland to set up Coronavirus testing lanes. Lovelands is a major player in the Netherlands in terms of organising dance events. They have six annual main events. The festival season in 2020 is different than planned, so the organisation is looking at how they can use their expertise to support the government. A good example of this is the setting up of testing lanes. 

They contacted the staff of Heras Mobile Fencing & Security because of their long-standing collaboration. Heras visited the site to provide advice. Lovelands then engaged producer Sightline to manage the project with the Heras technicians ensuring the temporary fencing work was installed properly.

We provide more info below about the three test lanes that were set up at P4 Amsterdam Airport, Jaarbeursplein Utrecht, and Rotterdam Airport.

People drive their vehicles on these test lanes and then walk into the test pavilion. Certain issues are of particularly important:

  • Visitor and staff privacy
  • Clear visible entrance/exit
  • Safety and security
  • Minimising the risk of infections
  • In case of emergency, quickly exiting the terrain

Privacy with screening fences

To meet this requirement, it was decided to cordon off the route with mobile fencing fitted with tarpaulin. This can be done with ready-made mobile fences with a tarpaulin on each mobile fence. Or, it can be done by first assembling the mobile fences at the desired position and then fitting them with rolls of tarpaulin. The latter option requires more man-hours on site with the advantage of not being able to see between the fence.

Clear visible entrance and exit

Visitors to the test lane must be able to drive onto the terrain without confusion and follow the correct route. To this end, double mobile sliding gates were installed. This solution creates a 14-metre lane. And it is immediately clear where the entrance and exit to the terrain are located.

Emergency exits

In case of an emergency, all people present at the site must leave it quickly and safely. To this end, escape gates are placed at strategic locations. People can exit the terrain using these gates, but not enter.

This is to prevent stumbling over blocks, struts, and so on, because space is sometimes limited, the temporary locations are less temporary than initially thought, and because tarpaulins were going to be attached to the fences, and the semi-permanent installation of the fences was opted for at all locations. Specifically, the fences are attached to posts using clamps. 

Amsterdam Airport

Unique to this location is the electric sliding gates for local residents. To ensure that local residents will always have access to their homes, sliding gates were installed that can be opened remotely with a handheld transmitter or GSM module.

Disrupting the ground was not permitted at this location. So, securing fences to the ground was not an option. The solution was the placement of concrete blocks. Brackets are used to secure the poles to the blocks. The fences are then secured to the poles using clamps. This was how an extremely stable and secure fencing line was installed.

Rotterdam Airport

The nice thing about the Rotterdam location is that when the installation was completed, Hugo de Jonge came to take a look.

Jaarbeursplein Utrecht

The space at the entrances was very limited at this location. So, a sliding fence proved to be a better solution than a sliding gate at certain locations. These sliding gates were installed at the staff car park and certain other places. At the remaining locations, a sliding gate was highly desirable in combination with the semi-permanent placement of the fences.

All in all, these are appealing, secure and safe locations with a good logistics flow. We are proud of our contribution.

Heras is happy to help you find a suitable solution for your particular situation. Please feel free to contact us, no strings attached.