North Midland Group plans Super Highway with Heras help!

North Midland Group (NM Group) has announced plans for a new Leeds Bradford Super Highway and Heras Readyfence are on board to support them with 2000 high visibility pedestrian barriers.

North Midland Group plans Super Highway with Heras help!
- Adrian Day
from North Midland Group

The construction group will link Leeds and Bradford with a new cycle route in a programme valued at almost £10 million. The work will lead to the development of high-quality segregated cycle tracks and off-carriageway crossings.

The Heras Pedestrian Barriers will demarcate the working area from the roadside while the cycle path is constructed, the lightweight highly visible barrier adds that extra safety feature to such sites.

It is hoped the plans will increase the popularity of cycling in the area, helping to improve health, transport and recreation in the region.

James Lewis Chair of West Yorkshire Transport Committee said “I’m delighted that we will see work starting on our first cycle superhighway so soon.”

The cycling route is around 12km in length and features a segregated cycle track between Bradford and East Leeds. Across the route, there are two types of cycleways.