Hiring and purchasing mobile construction fences from Heras Mobile great help

Long service life with Heras temporary fences

Hiring and purchasing mobile construction fences from Heras Mobile great help
- Johan Zwoferink
from VWS Bouwmaterieel (NL)

Volker Wessels Bouwmaterieel B.V. has been doing business with Heras Mobile Fencing & Security for quite some time now. As far back as the 1990's, quality was considered an important feature of any mobile fence. So, VWS selected the Heras M90.

Fine-meshed and safe temporary fence

But then Heras Mobile introduced the M500 Anti-Climb fence. The only construction fence with a fine mesh measuring 35 x 150 mm and anti-climb protection. “But if your Equipment Service has used 1 kind of mobile fencing for years, you can't just switch over to another.” Johan Zwoferink, Head Buyer, tells us.

Long service life with Heras mobile fences

To demonstrate to the team at Volker Wessels Bouwmaterieel B.V. how the M500 Anti-Climb could help them to significantly reduce these risks, several of the Anti-Climbs were delivered to them for testing. “We immediately saw that the fence would ensure greater safety and, on top of that, that it would have an even longer service life due to its 100% welded surround frame,” says Zwoferink. In the meantime, the stock at Volker Wessels Bouwmaterieel BV has been expanded to include the Heras M500 Anti-Climb. Not only are there positive reactions from the Equipment Service, but the workers are also happy with this safe upgrade.

No unwanted visitors on the building site

In fact, the Equipment Service was also directly interested in the newly introduced High Security clamp. These has since been utilized at all high-risk locations to prevent the fences from remaining open and from unwanted visitors opening them after they'd been closed. Volker Wessels has also noticed that the safety on and around construction sites is becoming increasingly important. Not only with regard to theft and vandalism but also with regard to the risk of accidents involving trespassers, which, as the constructor, you are still liable for.