Expandable barrier for roadworks

Collaboration leads to success

Expandable barrier for roadworks
- Rebecca Phipps
from Tarmac & Heras Mobile Fencing & Security UK

We were asked by Tarmac to look at resolving a problem they were having in securely temporary closing roads to the public to allow safe vehicle access and entry. Although there are several on the market already, none suited the requirements that Tarmac required.    

Step 1 Investigation

We were asked to solve this as the Tarmac contact did not want to keep  spending so much money on replacing cones due to theft, and the setting up each time was very labour intensive. Cones also gave them a headache as far as security goes as people where just picking them up and driving or walking through. We started discussing with Tarmac. Initial requirements were for expandable barrier:

  • a 4M Wide 
  • Lightweight
  • Red
  • Flat feet 

Step 2 Manufacturing prototype

We manufactured the barrier and sent this for trial. It then evolved after an initial trial with some of his workforce, that  a safety chain need to be added so it didn’t open whilst carrying to reduce the risk of trapped fingers. On the first trial Tarmac immediately saw the effects, as far as time was concerned and that lone workers can use them and deploy them in seconds, and they can be easily transported on their transit vans. 

Step 3 Evaluation & Adjustments

Adjustments were made, hoops and chains were put on each so the barrier could easier be secured. Tarmac then asked for white markings down the legs and the actual barrier to be red and white to make it more visible.

Step 4 Finalization

The picture shows the prototype and clearly demonstrates that it does the job of 3 cones happily.

We are pleased with this cooperation. Do you also have a problem where a tailor-made solution is desired? We are more then happy to help you.