Boskalis completes N69 with 6 km of Heras mobile fences

Heras stands out as the supplier. Boskalis is extremely satisfied with the quick assembly, meticulous work and on-time deliveries, including how the work was carried out safely. Everything went according agreement.

Boskalis completes N69 with 6 km of Heras mobile fences
- Ben Helderop
from Boskalis Nederland B.V.

Boskalis Nederland BV is currently working on the N69 road construction to connect the Luikerroad to the A67 highway. Ben Helderop runs this project. Six kilometres of temporary fencing is needed to allow the work to be carried out safely. Boskalis has a framework contract with Heras Mobile Fencing & Security. Contact was made for this project based on this contract. The assignment was awarded after discussions with the Heras account manager, Stef Manders. By now the following products have been delivered and assemble by Heras:

  • 1,648 sections of mobile fence, type M400 with corner pieces 
  • 723 indiv. Tubes 
  • 990 indiv. Plastic blocks 
  • 3,652 indiv. clamps 

1,940 metres of mobile fence was semi-permanently assembled with 38 double mobile fence gates. Eight vehicles were needed for this delivery.

We asked Ben Helderop about his experience with Heras on this project.

The Heras people did great work. The assembly was done quickly and perfectly. At Boskalis, we always work safely. It is also nice to see that Heras completely satisfied our requirements with respect to safety. Everything went according agreement.
Heras surprised me right from the quick start of the project until it was completed and delivered.
The Heras staff stood out with their steadfast service, quick delivery, great communication, and promptly handling requests. And, finally, the negotiation was completely open and fair.

Boskalis looks forward to completing this project at such a unique location. To complete the connection, the project passes through agricultural land and a nature area. These were allowed for in all of the work.